I need help...

Hi, so I need help altering this piece of music to a band piece. The song is called "Future Friends," by Superfruit. I have two arrangements of this song. One is just piano and words and the other is violins and violas. I found them on here. So if anybody can help me please do.

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a month ago

National Marching Band Day!

Hey guys, we need 100,000 signatures to make this an official holiday!!


By establishing March 4 as "National Marching Arts Day," we will celebrate the positive effects on young people and our society from lessons learned and life skills acquired through involvement with the unique collection activities which comprise the "marching arts."

These activities includes marching bands, drum corps, drill teams, color guards, drum lines, step teams, string bands, pipe bands, fife and drum groups, military bands, ceremonial groups and other ensembles promoting music making, entertainment, cultural enrichment, self-confidence, leadership training, responsibility, competition, good sportsmanship and fun.

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5 years ago