Hello all!

Mar 2, 2018

I joined MuseScore recently after I started to do some composing with Notion 6. I'm mostly a singer-songwriter but I enjoy a lot of classical music too. I just never thought of trying to write any myself until I stumbled on Notion and MuseScore and this online community. I posted a new piece this morning inspired by "Mozart in the Jungle," clicked on the "add it to a group" link in the "your score is ready" email, and here I am. I am well over 50 (here's a hint: will you still need me, will you still feed me...) and happy that I can still write and sing rock'n'roll and who knows, maybe the occasional sort-of-string-quartet. I checked out a few of the scores shared in this group and it's clear there's a lot of talent here. Looking forward to hearing and learning from everyone.
Bruce Irving


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