Check out my new transcription score of Malaguena arranged by Stan Kenton. 23 Degrees is next!

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Okay so heres my dilemma, on musescore there is not one version of the Creed theme from the Creed movies. I'm thinking we need to change that. If anyone wants to work together on making a remake of "You're a Creed" from the soundtrack please let me know!

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Irish Tune

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Don't worry about me. 
I'll be fine.  

4 days ago

Void Klef

My friend and I started a two man band named Void Klef (I know it's cringe), and we would like for someone to listen to our music. The piece I'm going to link is called "Wither". It's the type of song that you would put on in the background doing whatever. At the beginning of the track there's one minute of whack sounds; the song portion doesn't start until 1:00. Anyway, I've said enough, here it is:

And here's our soundcloud (we only have two songs as of 3/20/19)

5 days ago

Free Score Softwares

Does anyone know of any free score softwares I can use to write vocal music with piano? I've never really tried making music before but I'd like to give it a shot.

5 days ago

Who has snapchat and wants to be buddies?

I'm 15 (16 in May), and I want a buddy that's atleast intermediate in music composition to share music with and exchange knowledge and real friendship with! I've been writing for probably 3 years now and playing for almost 6, since I started band in 6th grade.  Preferably I'd want someone who matches or appreciates my style and also isn't a cringey 12 year old either just starting out or just sending me memes all day.

I am literally obsessed with Mozart, Beethoven, CPE Bach, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, etc. My big 2 right now are Bach (ofc) and Liszt ever since I listened to his Dante Sonata and la Campanella. 

I live in North Texas (near Dallas), I'm super gay, and love love love rpg games like Skyrim, Assasin's Creed, and Mass Effect (<3) but I also like Super Smash Bros, Spyro, Pokemon, or pretty much most games.

Hmu in musescoremessages so I can see your message without reloading the page. If you're cool I'll give you my snap. P.S. I'm looking for a real relationship that'll last for more than 2 days XD. P.S.S I hate emojis I'm an emoticons kinda guy. 

6 days ago

Cuphead fan based medley

 Hello everyone! @realrandynewman and I are doing this very fun cuphead  pastiche medley. So how this works is everyone makes one piece based on  the big band jazz from cuphead. This can either be a plane battle piece a  run and gun or a regular boss battle. We need at least 7 people to  complete the medley. Each piece must have a rhyming name like "Wolly  warbles in aviary action" or "eartha earthquake in jungle rumble". When  your done Randy will fix the pieces up and put it in the medley. Put a  comment saying what the name of your piece will be and get our piece up  in the next 3 weeks and you can be in the medley!

Have a good day! 

10 months ago

Looking to record your arrangements/compositions!

Hey everyone!

My name is Bobby, and I am a composer/clarinetist. I have used Musescore throughout my entire high-school career, for doing things like making arrangements of songs, or creating my own pieces.

I have been interested in doing YouTube for a long time. I have had a channel for a long time I used to upload to, but I've decided to abandon that name. Recently, I created a new one called Clarinet Land, and I want to upload myself performing clarinet related compositions and arrangements to that channel.

If you are interested, feel free to send me your arrangements, and I would love to record and upload them to my channel! If there are any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to address them either on the discussion or a private message.

I look forward to (hopefully) collaborating with you at some point in the future!


P.S. - Here is a link to the YouTube Channel I have created. Feel free to check it out!

a month ago

Music For Poetry

My very first piece (which is still a work in progress) is being written to go with a poem, kind of like a score for the poem. Imagine someone reading the poem, but there's music that goes with it. That's what I'm doing. I've reached a block and I don't know what to do. I know what emotion and feel I want to convey with the music but I just don't know how. Does anybody have any tips for getting unstuck?

Also, just curious, has anyone here ever written music for poetry?

2 years ago

Flute Angles (and horn angles in general)

I'm curious. Does your school enforce horn angles (in marching band) as strongly as my band director does?

His rules (sort of by instruments):
Trumpets/Directional Brass (mello, trombone, etc) - Must have bell pointed towards the press box, or about 27 degrees about parallel with the ground.

Flutes - Parallel with the ground. Always. And parallel, in actuality, for those who don't know, feels like it's a bit MORE than parallel.

Saxes - "Chicken wings" (Elbows point a out when at attention)

I'd love to know what your school does, as I've seen many many many many many other schools who let their band get away with bad horn angle (namely flutes who are definitely NOT parallel).

PS. For any fluatist who hasn't heard about the whole parallel flute thing, it is actually better than not parallel, as it opens up your lungs and straightens your spine and neck. It REALLLLLY makes a difference in both sound and your effort (it's a whole lot easier to breath with a straight windpipe).

a year ago


Would anyone be interested in me arranging any pieces for them? I will do it for most ensembles and solos too. I am currently working on Blue Bells of Scotland for my Wind Symphony.

a month ago