Straight Talk!

I just joined Musescore a couple of days ago, and was looking for some groups that fit my interests.  Ran across this one, but it looks like it's been languishing.  So I thought I'd throw something out there and see if it sticks.  Here is a piece I wrote a few years back.  It's a fully-developed original pop/rock/AC (never sure what genre describes my music) piece that any band could pick up fairly quickly.

What do y'all think about it?

There's also a link on the page to another site where you can hear a rough demo of this piece that's actually sung, if you're interested.

All constructive feedback appreciated!

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6 months ago

Are we discussing?

Hi girls. How about we discuss each other's compositions, and actually have a sort of inter-ladies competition? It would give a lot more umph to this Group.
Let's try by selecting 3 or 4 compositions and write our impressions?
It would be nice.

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4 years ago