0How to change the values of ALL the notes on your sheet to double time? (related to change of time signature

Jan 14, 2020

Hey everyone!

I tried to looking for a way to do this on musescore, and I have a feeling that what I want to do may not be possible, but anyway here goes:

I composed a 5-voice A cappella piece and notated in on Musescore in 3/4 time signature.

I later realised that the feel of the song is actually 6/8, not 3/4 and would like to change it to that. I know that I can change the time signature, that's easy, but a phrase that took 2 bars in 3/4 is actually a phrase which completes in 1 bar of 6/8. 

So my question is, is there a way to convert all note values of my piece into half its value? For example, 1 half note needs to become a quarter.
(otherwise I'm going to have to just notate the whole piece again, haha)

Thank you for all of your help!