5TH Sonata comes 1st.
4th sonata.
Many of the earliest preludes.
allof op.64etudes .
te famous d # minor etude .Most of op.11 and many of the later ones .
f # minor op. 48 ? So awkard , tiring and difficult!
6th sonata!
9th sonata
hate hispiano concerto .Don't get flowery music .
Love t symphony with piano but rarely listen to it .Why isn't Strauss
burleskeplayed more often?
why didn't he write more instrumental music , choral stuff, a violin sonata like Franck . He surly would have given us a fine vilin or cello sonata like Chopin . d liketo know what he played in cncert must find lettersand bio !

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BOTH. HE needed his irrationality to go beyond . He succeeded !

Ive thought a lot about mental illness . It is possible to function intelligentally everyday and then torture animals or beat families to death for hours or spend all your time writing nonsense limericks like Lewis Carrol . Look in creative history cruelty may have little to do with rational or sane thinking .People cross barriers through sheer will power . I would sanity better judged by how much reality you agree with your neighbor . If you believe it is raining and scientifically it is not - Is your reasoning inferior? or different . Is it possible to simply be only experiencing what your perception gives you which is unaligned with Freud's reality principle . Which is crazier to believe you see blue when your cones show you green or to see green when your rods and cones show you green but the color is actually yellow . Scriabin made a contribution . None of us is normal and the word sanity has little importance an verifiability and truth sense are demarcations . Just don't hurt anyone or disagree with me is what I say . Anyway you guys look at my JAZZY SPRING PRELUDE . In a millisecond I said Iwanted to compose piano music inspired by Scriabin 5th sonata and I wanted leaps and upward movement . Out of nowhere I went to the piano and the first 3 measures came to me out of nowhere . I really believe another personor spirit is sending creations to me. Same thing happens when I paint . I cant be agenius I have problems tinking and with judgement . So genius is likemadness .U can have both and not be or be extremely functional . I have the SP IRI T ! AMEN .

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