New Admin

I think we may need a new admin, because I don't usually check in. So, the rules are:
1. you must have the highest number of songs in the group and
2. you must be able to check in every 2 weeks or so.
Also, If in a tie, Members will vote to see who the new admin is.
Nominating Ends 5/1/2013

5 years ago

New Goal

So. I think 1000 songs may be too much for this group. I am thinking of lowering it to 500 songs. If you agree or disagree, I need to see 6 yeses to change, or 6 nos to stay the same.

5 years ago


Okay, you joined my group. Now what? Start posting songs! Write (or copy) as much as you can. Let's get gong!

6 years ago