On Pieces Dekkadeci Puts In This Group

IMO, it's likely not obvious why I put some of my pieces in this group. Here are the reasons why those pieces of mine are in this group:

Tarantella No. 1 in C Minor: Tarantella with quadruplets in the melody (replacing some of the typical triplets)
Sonata-Rag: Ragtime in sonata-allegro form (and rag form)
Regressive Form: Heavy metal in sonata-allegro form (and verse-chorus form)
Avant-Garde Sonata-Allegro: Sonata-allegro with an atonal first theme group and major-key second theme group
Sonata-Allegro in F Minor ("Complexity Within"): Sonata-allegro with a scherzo and trio for its development

(You can find all of the pieces by name in this group's sheet music.)

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2 years ago


I'm new to groups and stuff on this site and I have no idea how to put my songs here lol
If someone could tell me how to, that'll be great

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3 years ago