This is a question to all those who play reed, woodwind and brass instruments. I am in the process of arranging about 100 songs I have written over the years. I enjoy using flutes and oboes for the melody line, but have heard comments from real life players, "When do you expect me to breathe when I play your songs?" My question to all of you is, how many measures can you normally play before you have to "come up for air?" Looking at some of the scores associated with this group, the answer seems to be NEVER. So please school this composer who can barely play keyboard what the answer is. I am trying to arrange my songs that they can be played in the real world, not just through computer speakers. Thanks for your feedback.

To see all the songs I have uploaded to MuseScore, search for s0crate (with a zero) in the Search for sheet music text box.

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2 years ago