Rules of "Your Compositions"

Mar 3, 2013

1) No profanity.

2) No trolling (off subject conversation).

3) Only post songs that you've written. Songs that you haven't written will be deleted immediately after I see it.

4) Please do not criticize someone's music. That post will immediately be deleted after I see it.

5) If I do not delete something in 2 days, please mail me on my MuseScore account.

6) No spamming (advertising books, movies, etc.) You can't advertise groups either!

7) A lot of rules, a lot of fun. Enjoy!

**EDIT 12/2/2013**

I have found a broken rule in discussion! Advertising groups is also considered spam! I can not delete discussions, but this is a warning to all members! You have three chances. On your final warning, you will receive a message. If you disobey the rules three times, you will be banned from this group until further notice. I will comment if you break a rule in discussion, or on one of your scores you post on this group. You will also need to put your name on your scores, or I will ask for your identity. Of course, if you'd like to keep your identity safe, you can send me a message. Sorry to be strict! Just trying to keep it safe :P

- MisterClassical (Nate Daniels)


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