The Hypocrite

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This is my first submission for the MusiComp Prompts and also the first piece of music to appear on this account - so hi everyone first of all! I interpreted the topic "evil" as sneaky, a bit mysterious, you don't really know if you can believe what you see (that's what I tried to express already through the title...). Musically, there are two basic things: the d minor key and the tritone which I used for several times and which was associated with the devil for a long time in music history (that's what I consider to be evil...). How can I conclude on the title by just hearing the music? The hypocrite mostly keeps his mean thoughts hidden, he doesn't really act in public, so most parts of the piece are kept in a quiet mezzopiano. Only in the moment he shows what he actually has in mind, the broad public notices (->crescendo), but he uses to disappear even faster than he came. In order not to have to disclose what he thinks, he tries to hide it by always saying what everybody wants to hear (which means the music even goes to "exotic" keys like g# minor just to stay mysterious). Again, you first really notice him when he has got a mean plan which is so strong that it cannot be blocked by anyone. Hope I could give you a glance of what I wanted to express. PS: I wrote this on Tuesday evening. The next day, I had an oral exam in university, so several times, I thought about my professor...

VIVACE for Piano-four-hands|150 follower special!!!

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So, this my 149 follower special, the second movement of my piano-four-hands-sonata in d minor. When someone subscribes, I will change the title to 150. Shoutouts: Thanks to everyone who commented on my pieces or followed me. Also thanks for liking my scores, especially Romain Gandillet for liking my scores even before I have noticed I forgot to make them private xD. If you comment on this score (and i know your profile), I will tell you something nice, too. First movement: My youtube video: _____________________________________________________ (C) 2019, Jakob Altmann

Valse in D Major (The Teacher Waltz)

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yesterday, I uploaded a piece titled Little Waltz#1. I composed yesterday just to pass time. However when I listened to it again a few hours ago, I knew I just had to add more to it. And so the little waltz turned out to be not so little at all. I dedicate this piece to my fellow education students.

3 Notes Challenge

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So, I tried the "Only 3 different Notes" Challenge, too. I´ve seen it in RSA just a month ago and skylighter also did it a year ago. I chose A, E and B, because you could make a-minor/major and e-minor/major out of it. Let me know what you think! And if you want, try it, too!

RONDO FOR XYLOPHONE AND PIANO in the classical style

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Percussion, Piano
So this is my entry for the mscc eviction round. In the last rounds I was not not the best participant, so I am competing against John Galik (earlier Cullian) in the eviction round. The topic was "rare instruments". Also thanks for 80 followers! My channel is growing! I´m excited if we can get 100 during the next month... ___________________________________________ My YouTube channel: If you want to do a collaboration with me, ask me for my Discord tag! Please don´t perform and publish this piece and don´t use it commercially! (C) 2018, Jakob Altmann


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Trumpet(5), French Horn(6), Trombone(3), Tuba(3), Percussion
This is a small piece for brass band featuring the well-known hymn tune "Llyod" by Cubbert Howard. Our local brass band plays this tune a lot during warm-up so I decided to create a short opening piece out of it.

300 Denarii

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Voice(4), Piano
Based primarily on John 12:1-8, and also reflecting Mark 14:3-10, this song tells the story of Mary annointing Jesus' feet with oil a few days before the Last Supper and the betrayal by Judas.


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Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn, Trombone, Timpani, Percussion, Harp, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
This was a piece I have been working on for at least a month, so i am really excited to know if you like it! Here´s the youtube video for mobile users! ___________________________________________ My YouTube channel: If you want to do a collaboration with me, ask me for my Discord tag! Please don´t publish this piece and don´t use it commercially! If you want to perform it, please ask me! (C) Jakob Altmann, 2018

Concert Piece for Wind Band - WIP

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Piccolo, Flute(2), Oboe(2), Bassoon(2), Clarinet(5), Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(3), French Horn(2), Trombone(3), Tuba(2), Timpani, Percussion(3)
First time I'm trying to compose something for full wind band... So far I've got the opening fanfare and the first part...

He Walks Beside Me

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Trumpet, Piano
I'd like to write some lyrics for this at some point. That's not quite come together yet.

Piano Piece No. 1

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My first shot at piano composition. Please feel free to give feedback!

Red Fantasy

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French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Oboe(2), Flute, Bassoon, Timpani, Percussion, Harp, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
Wow. I am incredibly thankful for your support, especially this year! In the end of 2017 I had 22 followers and now... 80 More??!!! I also got sooo many positive comments and good critique by amazing users- thank you! Also thanks to everybody taking part in the random instruments challenge: !!! If you want to read a few more words, here: So now some shoutouts to special musescorers! The first shoutout goes to NobleEwe, one of the nicest persons on Musescore, and also a great composer! She commented on almost every piece of mine and she composes in multiple styles, like edm, jazz, epic film music, classical and relaxing piano music. lareinedeslapins: she commented on many of my pieces and also took part at ric and is judge at the rsa jingle challenge and and and... Romain Gandillet: An amazing composer in my age, who writes very motivating commments :-) MKMusic123, All4TheBass, Lizzapie: In my ric piece I got a cuica, and they found it so funny, that they started a group called #CUICAGANG, and commented under all my pieces with a cuica in it :D My favourite composers: lizzapie, Jackie Carson, Vigo Kovacic Underrated composers: Geomo95, wallhandguy Ow, my hands hurt from typing, but here something bout the piece: It was a lot of work (like 2 month or so) and i think it is one of my best pieces so far. i´ve also never composed for and orchestra this big. I think it sounds a little bit like a hungarian dance ___________________________________________ My YouTube channel: If you want to do a collaboration with me, ask me for my Discord tag! Please don´t perform and publish this piece and don´t use it commercially! (C) 2018, Jakob Altmann

Hayato S. - Jump Up, Superstar! (Piano)

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NOTE: this is supposed to have a soundfont but you only get default until i can fix whatever issue won't let me use it HOLY THIS IS THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE and also the most fun and i'm most proud of this anyways thanks Original video: Putting tags in description so they show up in search results vvv Jump Up, Superstar Mario Piano Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey Hayato S.

8 CHRISTMAS PIECES FOR STRING QUARTET (from "16 Christmas Pieces")

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Violin(2), Viola, Cello
8 short, relaxing and festive Christmas pieces by me for string quartet! 1. 0:00 Intrada: Andante 2. 0:50 Allegro Vivace 3. 2:21 Fuga Moderato 4. 3:32 Presto Scherzando 5. 4:49 Adagio Espressivo e Cantabile 6. 5:47 Moderato 7. 6:51 Molto Vivace 8. 7:54 Grave Religioso Please listen to as much pieces as possible and give me some feedback, cause it was really much work! Also, stay tuned for 19th December, because there will come a cool Orchestra piece! ___________________________________________ My YouTube channel: If you want to do a collaboration with me, ask me for my Discord tag! Please don´t publish this piece and don´t use it commercially! If you want to perform it, please ask me! (C) Jakob Altmann, 2018

Nocturnes in B-flat minor, op.7 "Day and Night"

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First pair of nocturnes I've created, wish you enjoy. The first represents the daylight. The second represents the dark night. Second nocturne is not yet finished at all, but most of important modulations are there. I Don't have time enough, but wanted to show my work.