Fifth Contest plus Apologies

So... um...
I'm revivin' this group, and you can't stop me! (Well, I guess you CAN by not submitting, but still.)
Only rules are must be 3 minutes or shorter.
Oh, and you have to use strictly woodwind instruments. Or orchestral instruments. Like strings.
@Charles Stiles I swear to god if you find a way to break this in a new way I will go over through your computer and punch you in the face. And then congratulate you for being weird.
Submissions due by May 19th!

Also, I will not be grading fourth or third contest results for... reasons. I just can't. I'll grade these though, promise.

11 months ago

Fourth Contest

While I'm grading the last one (apologies), here's the next one!
Freestyle! Use up to 10 and no less than 5 instruments and show me what you've got!
Due on March 5th!

a year ago

Third Contest Over... but there's only one submission.

Really? Was this too hard? Do I need to tone it down? I'll come up with another contest in a few days. There's no judging needed, because Charles Stiles was the only submitter, so he wins by default. Msg me Charles, for contest ideas.

a year ago

Hey Bacon!

Can I have your gmail so I can share the judge paper with you?

a year ago

SECOND CONTEST! (And some different rules)

This theme is "Rivaling Piano Duet"
This time, it has to be a composition, though.
The time limit is 3 minutes. Must be at least 1 minute.
Only the two pianos, please. (You can use both staffs of one piano as a single instrument, i.e. 4 total staffs)
Here is the change to the point system:
Placement will be based on a point system, out of 75 points.
10 points for following contest directions.
15 points for missed notes or music theory faults
15 points for creativity/effectiveness of the duel of the duet
15 points for effectiveness of articulation markings
20 points for miscellaneous

Contest ended January 29th!

Insanity by -That_One_Piano-
Golden Flowers by Single Grape Studios
Poorly named contest 2 by Charles Stiles

a year ago

And the winner is....

Coming in to a close second is Single Grape Studios!
And to a very close third, Charles Stiles!
(And that's it. Only three people submitted this time.)
For more details, visit
(note: you can comment on this so feel free to bring any points I might have missed or that you feel seem unfair)

Bacon, would you like to be a judge of the next contest?

a year ago


Post usernames or profiles for me to invite. I will never turn anyone away!

a year ago


The theme is fanfare!
Here are the limitations:
1. Must be a trio.
2. Must include only brass instruments.
3. Must be shorter than 1 minute (I don't care how many measures or tempo)
This one should be easy. Good luck! This contest ends at 6 PM EST on January 18th! (Thanks VGA)

American Bacon - Bacon Fanfare
Charles Stiles - Contest with an awful name
Single Grape Studios - Single Grape Studios Theme Song

a year ago


If we are on off-time, just chill around, get to know people, and you'll be fine. If you came in during an on-going contest, you may still join the contest, but you will not be granted an extension! If you join the day before the contest ends, you will only have that day to submit something.

a year ago