If you want to write for orchestra,ensembles or solo

Feb 11, 2014

If you want to write for orchestra there is music you need to be familiar with so can evoke the worlds you imagine.i would like it if other professionals would add to this list as they can.Let's start with the orchestra.I don't start with solo instruments or quartets because the sound of 2 violins in a quartet is nothing like 20 first violins with 10 2nds and 8 violas and so on.They can not do the same things thats why Richard Strauss writes so many solo passages in his tone poems .Handel's brass writing is terrific .But I would say modern orchestral writing starts with the
last 6 Mozart symphonies 35-41
Every single Beethoven symphony and they will help you nuance,extend ,color your themes, build and contrast atmospheres
Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique
anything by Rimsky-Korsakov esp. Scherazade
Gustav Holst The Planets
Debussy La Mer
Ravel Daphne et Chloe
Stravinsky Rites of Spring
Messiaen Turangalila
I've gotten all of these scores except the Messiaen through inexpensive Dover publications. Unfortunately,the ear and instrumental know how will only come through an experienced guiding hand ,individual study with instruments while constantly perusing these scores and much live listening .The internet has innumerable aids to learning how to score for orchestra.


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