4 Octave Marimba Solo Pieces

Hi! I've looked through Musescore and found that there are only a few 4 octave solo pieces for the marimba. Could anyone recommend some to me? Thanks a lot!!!

a month ago

4 Octave Marimba Duet/Trio Pieces

Hi! I'm a keyboard percussionist. I'd like some recommendations on 4 octave marimba duets/trios that are considered as medium/medium difficult. Thanks a lot!!! I know the amount of 4 octave duets/trios out there are very small...

2 days ago

New Group

If anyone is interested, I recently created a new group called Percussion Solo and Duet Repertoire. I want the group to store as much  percussion repertoire as possible that only requires on or two players  to perform. This can also includes pieces that feature a percussion  soloist (Ex: Bob Becker's Bye Bye Medley and Emmanuel Sejourne's Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra). Here's the link if anyone is  interested in joining: 

4 months ago

Next Song!!! *Repost*

  Hey guys, I'm back after a bit of a hiatus for summer school and work but i can't decide on the song i want to arr. next. i have a few that I have been wanting to do but i can't seem to stay focused on just one of them. so if you all could give me some feed back on which you would like to hear that would be greatly appreciated. Take a look at my Previous arrangements and see what you would like to hear next.

Songs -
Weight of the World - Nier Automata
Sincerely - Violet Evergarden
Miraculous Autumn - Tobias Holm *will be more of a small scale duet/trio*
Ninelie - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
This Game - No Game No Life  

7 months ago

New Member!

Hey! I just joined this group because I hoped I could find people who loved mallet percussion as much as I do. I just added six of my pieces I've made to the group and hoped I could get some feedback on them. Thank you and I hope to be able to help future composers and mallet percussionists! :D

10 months ago

Show Opinion

I have a song for a percussion chamber ensemble. I plan for it to be played live but need some opinions and advice on it first. Please comment and tell me what you think of the score and read the description to see what it's about. Please enjoy and I'll soon post a Expert-Level Mallet quartet.


a year ago

Sixth edition of Sorodha Composition Competition belongs to MARIMBA


Sixth edition of Sorodha Composition Competition belongs to MARIMBA. I will be honoured to perform five selected compositions at public concert 29th April in Antwerp, Belgium.

Apply now! The submission deadline is Friday 10th of March 2017!
More info www.sorodha.be

Good luck!

Ewelina Hajda
Compositeurs !

La sixième édition de la compétition de composition sorodha appartient à marimba. Je serai honoré de réaliser cinq compositions sélectionnées au concert public le 29 avril à Anvers, Belgique.

S'appliquer maintenant ! La date limite de soumission est le vendredi 10 mars 2017 !
Plus d'informations www.sorodha.be

Bonne chance !

Ewelina Hajda
Source : Facebook!

2 years ago

What is your pit writing process?

Over in the discussion for one of my suggested new score templates (at https://musescore.org/en/node/111531), the question of what the usual writing process for pit parts is came up. If you have some perspective, I'd like to read it.
Also, I have two templates WGI that could also be the templates for pit parts if you're in a marching band that usually writes their pit parts separately.

2 years ago

Emotions from Marimba

Hello there. I have been looking for Marimba (or Vibraphone) solo pieces that express one or multiple emotions. Specifically right now I have been trying to find a piece of Grief, Rage, or Envy. Does anyone know where I could find these? The search function hasn't really been able to help me out.

4 years ago


Hey! Im looking for someone to arrange original song "The Hymn of Axciom" by Vienne Teng for solo marimba (4 mallets). If anyone is interested just comment! thanks!

3 years ago

Hello There!

This is a page for all songs including mallet percussion. If you have a song that includes mallet percussion then please post it so that way we can all learn from each other on how to perfect our skills on the mallet instruments.

4 years ago