Introductions and Happy New Year

Hello everyone!  Now that we have 57 members (such an odd number), let's introduce ourselves to get to know each other.  I'll start.

Music was always my first love.  I was begging for piano lessons by kindergarten and was allowed to start lessons in first grade.  I didn't always like it, in fact I usually didn't.  But I kept at it because it was a school subject.  When I was 10, I wrote tunes for 100 Bible verses, and the number has been multiplied since then by over 10.  That was my introduction to composing.  Then next step for me involved a notebook and pencil, as I began to write lyrics.  Then I picked up a few extra instruments and learned them.  Then I learned to play piano by ear and arrangements from lead sheets.  Then I discovered Musescore via a friend.  I started learning how to use it.  My first piece ever, on Musescore 1, was a simple arrangement: melody, harmony, chords, bass note, and my first original was made by throwing random notes on a page.  From there the learning curve began.  From Dreaming and Anticipation, to Sweet Goodbye six months ago, I've been learning about all the different instruments, asking dumb questions of you brilliant composers, reading your encouragement, doing colabs, and participating in contests.  Hopefully I'll continue improving my composing skills in many different.  I'm telling you, I wouldn't have kept composing if it wasn't for all your help.  So many thanks, and I look forward to hearing about you!

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