Hi Guys!!

Well, hey, I just joined this group (mind blowing, right)
I guess I'm a decent enough composer :P
So this group hasn't had new discussions in a while...so, uh, here's one.

So...who here can relate:
You wake up in the morning, and you're all happy...you think you're a pretty good composer. Then you come on musescore and click on some amazing person's score...next thing you know you're disgusted at how bad your music is.......

I gotta admit this has happened to me on this site multiple times lol. Yes, it does provide a great learning experience, but it's kinda hard not to get jealous sometimes :P

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8 months ago

Repetition in songs...


I am new to this chat, because I'm a decent composer........ I think (I hope I am), and well I have a problem of using so much repetition in songs, as well as composing my songs in the most basic structure (using a four measure melody, drive, etc. to base it off of).
I usually think my songs are okay but they always seem to have this problem.

Any thoughts or solutions?

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8 months ago

I'm sick of pretentious piano pieces

Let's face it, anyone can arpeggiate a 1-5-6-4 progression in the left hand with a simple melody on top to sound really edgy. (Bonus points if the melody is in octaves. Bonus points if all the chords are in the same inversion.)

Please don't be generic. I want something NEW, something FRESH. MMMmmmMMm FRESHHH

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a year ago