Challenge #1 is starting!

The first challenge is starting!
The challenge will be laid out as a tournament. The best composers move on to the next round. 
Theme: The theme is war. This piece is supposed to be fast and exciting
Time Limit: 45 seconds to 3 minutes
Bracket: The Tournament Bracket
Relevance to Theme-20
Good use of Instrument-20
Turn in: Here
Due Date: Wednesday, February 5th by 12:00 AM (Eastern Time)
EXTENSION: Tuesday, February 25th by 12:00 AM (Eastern Time)

miurovet1- War (shrapnel) (Piano)
David Matev- War (Drumset)
Fibonacci- A Soul for a Soul (Violin)
kauvii- Outburst (Viola)
Seattle Sleeper- The Atomic Bomb (Trumpet)
Clayton Franks- Mongolian Conquest (Marimba)

30 days ago

Instrument Sign-up

You can choose from the following instruments. Reply to this discussion to choose an instrument.

Flute- Airwaves_2
Trumpet- seattle sleeper
Alto Saxophone- colinjamesfra
Tenor Saxophone- JxhSax
Clarinet- Sniperjaytee
Trombone- The_Mad_Duck
Tuba- Lily Braun-Arnold
Baritone/Euphonium- narwhals7
Mallets/Marimba- Clayton Franks
Snare Drum- A.N.D.R.E.W
Violin- egilbert1776
Viola- kauvii
Cello- harmoniwarren1
Drum Set- David Matev
Guitar- João Carvalho4
Piano- Levi Neuwirth
Piano- miurovet1

a month ago