Im Back...

Hi so it's been quite a while since this group has been active. I've only really just gotten back into writing music all the time like I used to. I made a new account so that I can still post on here. I won't really be active on Haden2112 anymore so could you all give me a follow on Haden.Kaufman. I also plan on making this group more active this summer with some weekly contest ideas I've been toying around with! I hope everyone has been doing well!!

a year ago

A series of events hindering online publication plus special announcement

Well I've sort of been slowly moving away from publishing on here and actually getting some of my compositions performed. A person and I have been working on a suite for winds to be performed and I have attempting to start a string Quartet for some string players to perform. I may post some things like a piano nocturne I'm working on right now. Ill still be active just sort of passive in a sense. I'm not very content just publishing on here and actually want to get some material performed. Im not necessarily a huge fan of some groups that im in because of lack of composers that will actually give good critique since a majority of composer on here are just glorified electronic musicians claiming to be "unique". NOW FOR THE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. MY lovely girlfriend has just joined this group (her name is Oliv07112) and you should go follow her because shes like the coolest person in existence. and that string quartet, yeah thats for her. So yeah, this has been going on for awhile and thats why Ive been sort of inactive. I hope you all shall understand.

3 years ago


Should we start doing contests? I kind of want a way for all of us to be more involved in the group. Post contest ideas below(:

3 years ago

New name????

Any ideas for a new name for this group or do you all like the current one?

4 years ago


Does anybody use a different soundfont besides the default? I use generalusergs and its 60000000000 times better.

4 years ago


Would anybody be interested in collaborating? I thought it'd be really interesting to work with different people with unique composition styles.

4 years ago


Ive been working on a Ballet entitled "The Forest of Black Moon" it is pretty loose right now and I'd love for you all to write some pieces for it. We could make a contest out of it as Shewcrafter suggested adding contests into the group.

The Challenge is.........To write a forest themed piece it can be ANYTHING as long as its forest themed. If this gets big enough I may start a whole separate group for The Forest of Black Moon

4 years ago

My Brother

Id like to give a warm welcome to my brother, Alec Kaufman. Who is already composing at the age of 9 years old. Albeit, he doesnt have much of a sense of melody or rhythm im still incredibly proud of him since he just started getting into music and can sightread( treble clef). Hes in our group btw

4 years ago

Happy New Year

Happy new year everybody. I hope you all have a spectacular 2015. I just wanted to say thank you to all you amazing people for joining this group it really means a lot to me. I expect to become more involved and cant wait to see what this group become.

Best of wishes to all.
yours truly,
The great and powerful(just kidding) admin, Haden2112

4 years ago

Criticism please

I'm at the moment composing a lot of things. I can't publish all, so I'd want to know what you guys think about what I call shit-music.
Enjoy and comment. Thanks,

List of musics :
- The beginning of a shitty symphony :
- A toccata for organ/harpsichord. It's just the beginning :
- An unachieved electro music :
- A beginning of string quartet :

4 years ago

New Group

Hello, 'Tis I the great and powerful admin( Just Kidding). Well this is a new group and if you are a new member please tell me a little bit about yourself in this discussion(:

4 years ago