Voice Acting

Out of curiosity, how many of you have voice acted before or are interested in voice acting? If you have not messed with it before but would like to, you can find a really open and welcoming community similar to the musescore community at Behindthevoiceactors.com

Just navigate to the section called casting call. Most of it is abridged series and fandubs, but it gives you a lot of experience and is a blast to partake in.

Also, if any of you voice act and have seen the show Steins;Gate, I am currently working on a full fandub of the movie, being tired of waiting so long for the official English Dub to be released. I would love for you to audition for the parts! You can find the project here:


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3 years ago

For Fruits Basket

Would someone please create or obtain the song "For Fruits Basket." It was my first anime and I would really appreciate it. The full song for piano. MuseScore does not have the full song for piano.

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28 days ago

yoooo flute buddies?

I've been needing some music i can just play or that I'm really motivated to play well, so i was hoping someone to make some flute scores from anime intros/outros/OST please? you'd be my hero 

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a month ago

Advertising a YouTube Channel (Anime-Related)

Hello, my fellow MuseScorians! I just wanted to advertise a YouTube channel my friend and I started. It is called "Anime Talk Radio", and we essentially just watch anime and commentate over it in a podcast. We do reactions and re-watches of anime and then we give a final review after the last episode. We don't watch more than 4 different anime at a time, so we won't start watching another one until we are done watching the other. We do take watch requests though. We also watch the English Dubs of anime, unless there is no dub available. We put a "Dubbed Anime Alert" at the intro of each video, so you'll know not to watch if you dislike English Dubs.

Here is the link to our channel:
Subscribe if you find our videos worth the watch.

We only have a few videos available right now, mainly because of the time it takes to edit and record these videos, but we usually upload AT LEAST 2 videos a week.

At the current moment, these are the anime we are watching:
- 2/37 - Death Note (Rewatch)
- 1/6 - Murder Princess (Sass Reacts)
- 2/25 - Spiral (Scurry Reacts)
- 3/24 - Kanon (Sass Reacts)

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2 years ago

Takt of Heroes Origin - Re:ZERO Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Hey there!
I would like to do a full arrangement of this epic OST called "Takt of Heroes Origin" from Re:ZERO. I've already started but it's quite difficult and so I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in a collaboration project.
If you can't remember the song, here's a direct link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN68kxC0Vl4
It played in various versions especially in the second half of the series. For example it was used during the White Whale Battle in Ep21 and also when Subaru and Otto chase after Emilia in Ep25.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Germany :)

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a year ago

I need your opinions! Voice acting Demo Reel

Hey guys, I thought I would share my recently created voice acting demo reel with you guys. Let me know what you think! Each clip was done in one go live with the music, so there was little to no editing except for increasing the volume and putting the clips together into one 3 minute reel.

One thing to remember as you listen: One or two of the files had a problem during the recording, since they got very loud, and resulting in a little clipping. I don't usually have those problems, but I liked the performance so much that I just couldn't get rid of them. Just keep that in mind! :P


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2 years ago