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a month ago

Suggestions for arrangements?

I have plenty of time right now and I'm officially out of songs that I want to write up music for.
Can someone give me some vocaloid/anime song titles so I could arrange them?
I'd prefer ones that doesn't already have a good arrangement, and not too hard to arrange (songs with a lot of heavy bass makes it hard to arrange...)
Any thoughts would be welcomed!

2 years ago

Any Ideas?

You guys have any anime musics that I can start making?

3 years ago


I am looking for someone to be a good active member to be a Admins. List your name in the comments. Selection will be held this Sunday at 12 pm Pacific time.

a year ago

Takt of Heroes Origin - Re:ZERO Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Hey there!
I would like to do a full arrangement of this epic OST called "Takt of Heroes Origin" from Re:ZERO. I've already started but it's quite difficult and so I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in a collaboration project.
If you can't remember the song, here's a direct link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN68kxC0Vl4
It played in various versions especially in the second half of the series. For example it was used during the White Whale Battle in Ep21 and also when Subaru and Otto chase after Emilia in Ep25.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Germany :)

2 years ago

Searching for collaborators for Boku No Hero Academia OST arrangement

Hello to whoever is reading this, as you read in the title I am currently searching for anyone that wants to collaborate on an arrangement I've started. The OST is called, "Soredemo Sarani Mukou E" or otherwise known as Stain's Theme apparently. I've only ever worked with strings on my scores, and this OST includes strings, percussion, brass, piano, vocals, both electric and acoustic guitar, and electric bass. I've figured out how to work with the bass drum, guitar and bass, but I'd prefer if someone with more experience working with these instruments were to give it the feel it needs. If anyone wouldn't mind working together email me at kenoliafreeman@gmail.com.

a year ago

Explanations 2

Hi guys ! I started to do many-instrument compositions, but I have two problems :
- I don't know how I can reduce the size of lines, to see all the parts in one page, or enlarge the page itself.
- And where do I find the pizzicato for violins ?

Thanks to explain it to me !

3 years ago