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So after an insanely stressful term in school, I've FINALLY found time to compose now that it's spring break :P

I literally hadn't had an extended composition session in over 2 months (though I've done a small amount of arranging). So as a result when I started writing this thing I literally couldn't stop...and made this piece in a 24 hour period (save for the first 4 bars - I wrote that 2 weeks ago :P)

If you manage to play this piece, just make a video of yourself playing and send me the link. I WILL feature you :D

ANYWAYS I also haven't done a follower special since 500...holy crap xD

But thanks so, so, so much for 800...821 now <3

A huge shoutout to the following people for being so supportive and amazing!
- mnmwert
- lizzapie
- lareinedeslapins
- SubparTrombonist
- Bopple
- CrazyClique
- Ruby Liz
- Ethan Toavs
- Skylighter
- miscellaneous2
- Kenobiingondolin2019/Kenobunny
- Mr. Peabody

Also: after all this time, I felt like I should give another special shoutout - not to someone who supported me in my music - but someone who inspired me to start thinking about composing in my current style and has definitely had an influence on how I developed in composition. I found her profile about 2 weeks after I first joined this site, when she was Musescorer of the Month of April 2017, and loved her compositions immediately as they were the EXACT type of thing I wanted to write. Her music is so inspiring, and she was the first person I followed on this site. Although she might not even know I exist cause she went inactive over a year and half ago and we didn't interact much except for a few comments on her scores, after all this time she NEEDS a shoutout from me. Her username is TheNightreader, and here's a link to her profile: https://musescore.com/thenightreader
She is an amazing person from what I've seen, and an amazing musician. You guys NEED to follow her :P

Hope you enjoy the piece! :D

And jeez I've been on musescore for 2 years now...holy ._.

Music: Rebecca Yang (composer)
© 2019 Q. Rebecca Yang

Soundfont: HQ Orchestral Soundfont v3.0
Image: Ember Rose Butterfly Love from desktopnexxus.com (https://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/320386/)

Prelude No. 2 "Farewell" ~ Announcement in Description

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DISCLAIMER - This message I have for you is going to get very real. Not that any of you will really mind, but here goes:

When I first uploaded this score, people asked me if I was leaving MuseScore. Well, I am re-posting it now to tell you that I am taking a hiatus from MuseScore. For so long, this place has been my home, my place to post my new work, but as time has gone on, I have gotten increasingly busy and have lost the dedication to keep up with my internet image. It has also been hard on me living in my younger brother's shadow, and so for my own benefit, I am taking a break. My welcome has run out on MuseScore.

If there's anyone who would like to keep up with what I'm doing, you can find my YouTube channel linked in my bio.

From "A Journey to Mars" to "Drama for Orchestra No. 6," I appreciate all of your support. This journey appears to be over for me.

If you would like to talk to me, I would still welcome that, my email address is elliotbutlercomposer@gmail.com, and I'd love to keep up with the valuable connections I have made during my time here.

God bless you all. It's been fun.

Elliot P. Butler

Um, Excuse Me Nature|AUDIO SOURCE

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Flute, Piano, Strings(2), Percussion
Heyo. So uh I haven't uploaded anything for a month so rip me. I literally had so much composers block haha. One of my friends had this idea to make a rant song about nature so I did and here it is. (Woo Hoo) And because I absolutely suck at drumlines I got some help from that same friend (who is a drummer) and they made an actually really amazingly good drumline for this. I'll link their musescore down below. Another change is I'm using an ACTUAL AUDIO SOURCE (:O) Whoa I'm getting better and better woohoo. So uh that's basically it folks. haha Enjoy!

My friend's musescore: (They have some pretty cool stuff please follow them lol)

P.S. This is technically my first collab on here so thats cool
P.S.S. Swiss cheese is my favorite kind of cheese


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Hey guys! I'm back with a new piano piece! (boy do I love the piano, even if I don't play it that much or that well xD)

Okay, so what is it? It's basically a calm lullaby whose structure is called perpetuum mobile : it's a piece that can repeat indefinitely and will still sound somewhat homogenous. Like Bach's prelude I (BWV 846), it uses a simple one-bar motif, which I attempt to expand on. So I decided to compose on a perpetuum mobile because I always found that those pieces had a certain unusual quirk in them. Don't ask me why though xD

Please don't concentrate too much on the harmonies ; the best way to listen to this piece is to let your soul wander... And that doesn't mean falling asleep :)

Also, the repeat is optional!

Last thing : I decided to take advantage of the native accentuation bug of the piano soundfont to create a certain mood and beat texture.

I hope you'll enjoy this piece a lot! Comments are of course welcome.

Equine Wonders - Piano Solo!

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Hey guys and followers! Back with a new piece ^_^

I wanted to capture in this piece the galloping nature of a horse, all the while portraying the eventual melancholy that can happen too to keep it interesting.

I originally wanted to compose this as a short, brief, 50 second prelude for a big set of 24 preludes, but decided "oh screw it, I'll just take the best one of the lot and recycle it". And that's what I've done.

I'm pretty proud of this 2'38" long piece. Comments are of course welcome! :D

BreakThrough (Live Violin Recording!)

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Mobile users listen here:
To purchase full score go to this link: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/breakthrough-digital-sheet-music/21184981
Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoy this song! God has been dealing in me and working things out to heal me. I just thank him for all he's done. I hope this song gives you a breakthrough in your life!

So a list of vsts used:
Kontakt Factory Selection
Ample Guitar
Ample Bass

And of course, a live violin recording :D
I'm still figuring out how to get a good quality recording, so I think this was okay but still planning on improving.

It's Behind You

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Soundcloud Version for HQ audio: https://soundcloud.com/user-149072560/its-behind-you
You are walking down the street at night when you get the feeling that you may not be the only one there. Something sinister lurks in the shadows. You don't know what it is or what it's going to do to you, but you know it's there and you know you must escape from it. You begin to feel panicked and all your senses are screaming at you to run, your heart rate speeds up, and your legs begin carrying you as fast as humanly possible. The evil presence grows closer behind you as you run faster and faster. Pure panic ensues and in the moment of terror you trip. The presence reaches to you. What is it? What does it want from you? You scream but no one hears you, you flail your body but it's no use. You're already at the mercy of this monster. Whatever it is... If only you could run... If only... You... Could run.

Dance of the Creepy Forest (FFA Competition March)

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Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn(2), Percussion, Strings(4)
This is my first attempt at orchestration so tell me how I did.

Group link: https://musescore.com/groups/ffa-competition

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When We Were Young (Adele) [Duet]

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Oboe(2), Piano
Vocal duet with piano accompaniment of When We Were Young by Adele.

This vocal duet of Adele's popular song When We Were Young is a perfect addition to any talent show or open mic night. Put two of your most soulful, emotional singers to the task of singing this piece, and audience members will be blown away! Or just have some fun jamming out around the piano with this emotion-filled tune!

I arranged this for two of my fellow choir members towards the end senior year in high school, but they didn't end up actually using it, so it was just abandoned. I found it again while messing around one day and decided to edit it up and go ahead and publish it!


Hello! The score that you see here is only a sample of the entire completed score, which has been published on another site. If you are interested in purchasing the sheet music, you will find it here: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/21178288

DO NOT TAKE OR DISTRIBUTE THIS SHEET MUSIC ANYWHERE ELSE. (Not kidding. If you do there could be serious legal consequences.)


I would love it if you and your group would like to perform my arrangement. If you would like to do so you may find the full score linked above. I would also love it if you could send me a video of the final performance.

Enjoy! :)

Public Release Date: 1 Mar 2019

All Rights Reserved Used by Permission Used by Permission of Hal Leonard Corporation

A Puzzling Situation

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Percussion, Piano(4)
More video game soundtrack. Little song when you're doing puzzles. I say there are puzzles because now that I'm not actually trying to program this game, I can make it as elaborate as I like. See, laziness is fun! Don't listen to me kids, I'm being a bad example. xD
I honestly don't have that much to say for once. ;) I spent, like, 5 minutes on this, and maybe 5 more messing with soundfonts? It probably ought to be longer because listening to this the entire time it takes you do an interesting (aka hard) puzzle might just make the hypothetical player hate the hypothetical puzzles in this hypothetical game. Oh, but did I mention I'm kinda lazy? :P
Well, thanks for viewing for whatever reason, leave a like or comment if you're really that bored, and maybe enjoy?? idk. ;3


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Flute, Percussion, Piano, Accordion, Synthesizer
Hi. Here is a song for Fluffy the Spider. He is a character in my non-existent video game that I inexplicably find myself still writing the soundtrack for. No, I am not planning on actually programming the game. I am, however, making a compilation of all the songs in the soundtrack. I will post it once I finish the first level (which might be soon, though knowing me, that means just about nothing lol), and I will update it as I go along.
Just so you know, there is a reason the theme song for a giant hairy spider is so smol and cute. Fluffy, despite being large and scary-looking, is actually stupidly nice and friendly, and helps guide the player through the first level of the game. So don't judge a spider by his rather intimidating appearance! :P
So there you go. Yet another odd, meandering song for you people who are for some reason still reading this odd, meandering description. Thanks for viewing, leave a like or comment if you feel like it I guess, and enjoy! :D :33

Sonata No 1 in C Major (Full)

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My first ever completed piano sonata. A Patreon reward for DoughnutGuy. Opinions are always valued and have fun listening.

The first movement is written in an edited sonata form where the transition is placed after both the first and second theme and the development is just a third theme.

The second movement is a funeral march written in advanced binary and is the longest movement of the sonata. The first theme is harsh and somber while the second theme is emotional and sweet.

The third movement is a rondo written in an A/B/A/C/B/A format. It's meant to be fun and silly like a sea shanty.

The fourth movement is the finale and the shortest movement of the sonata at just 45 seconds in length. It is written in binary form with a first theme, transition, second theme, and codetta.

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And most importantly stay awesome all of you~

Dance of the Damned (Now With HQ Audio)

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A nice little waltz in A minor for a four part string ensemble. Opinions are always appreciated so please leave them if you can. As always Kirara Wright out.

Dance of Russian Ghosts

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Join these long deceased party goers on a night of fantastic dreams and fright. Watch as the apparitions of old relive their most joyful moments as they perform brilliant tricks and dances for all to see. After all, the night is young and they are not. The spirits will not harm you for all they wish for is a good time. Join the dancing and have the time of your life and death.

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Dona Nobis Pacem

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Percussion, Organ(4)
To date, this piece is my masterwork. I have spent hours looking over it and composing it and I am now proud to share this piece with the MuseScore Community. For now, there is no perfomance audio of the piece (although I have been arranging the piece for live performance nor is the formatting the way it is in the program however it will be fixed soon. For this time please enjoy this work.

I now feel the need to share that this piece is under the Creative Commons 0 license. Therefore, the audio and score of the score can be used in anything you would like.