What Instruments Do People Play

Hello people!
I'm just kind of interested to see what the most popular instrument to play is.
I currently play Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Piano, and Clarinet. A friend is currently teaching me tuba and baritone, and another friend is teaching me french horn and trumpet.

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8 months ago


Hey everyone, this is going to be a recurring ad that I spread across the marching band/dci community. 

That's right, I offer only the best and the most thoughtful percussion/drumline for any DCI or marching band show thrown at me. I've been writing drumline music (let's just call it book) for about 5 years now. I've practiced a lot through writing book on paper or on Sibelius---making the change to Musescore but that option is still available---in order to produce very nuanced and meticulous book that works for any kind of show.
I am currently the caption head and percussion arranger for Perris High School as well as Front Ensemble/Percussion co-arranger for Lindenhurst Senior HIgh School. 
I can provide any type of examples of how I write on moment's notice as well!

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to add me on Facebook, or shoot me an email at zunigalt@gmail.com. I'd love to work with you!

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2 months ago

2k17 Rap / R&B Mix

Wassup musescore family. So if you haven't heard already I'll be dropping a 2k17 Rap / R&B Mix consisting of some of the hottest & most popular tunes of the year. It's a priority of mine to entertain my followers & supporters so comment below what songs you'd like to hear in this year's mix! Hurry & reply because it'll be dropping very soon & must be tunes from this year! COMMENT!

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10 months ago

Superior Music Publications

Hey everybody, I hope everybody has had a great year. I am here to show you MML Users that there is a new music publishing business coming to a computer near you.

I am the founder of Superior Music Publications, and I am here to share with you that I have a dream to make bands big and small, as good as they can be!

I am working on getting funding for the website so that the website can have it's domain and I won't have to face any legal trouble with the law.

I am working hard to make the website better and better and for it to be the coolest web design possible, I am asking for ideas, and/or feedback on what this website can be.

The staff for Superior Music have amazing experience and I am very lucky to have a team of people to come and help me make this dream a reality.

Last but not least,
Email the company (One of the writers will respond to the emails, I promise.) with show ideas, anything that you think that we can write and give the best music to the people that will listen to.

Thank you for your time.

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11 months ago

Christmas Contest - Win Prizes!!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I wanted to say hello and make a brief introduction. I have recently joined the MuseScore team. I'm a big fan of marching bands and have been very active with marching bands, drum corps, winter guards, anything marching music related. I look forward to getting to know this group and helping to create the best marching music community anywhere.

I also wanted to let you all know about two other things:

1 - There is a Christmas contest in the DCI group where you can win various DCI-related prizes (Key Poulan is judging)
2 - There is also a new Marching Percussion group that is the first MuseScore Official group ever

Links to both groups:

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11 months ago

The Skywarn team in desprite need of wirtes and helpers

Hi all! my name is Randy P. Johnson and I'm the owner and founder of the Skywarn team out of Maquoketa Iowa. We are currently in BIG need of arrangers and show writers and you will be on a volenteer base of but i would help great if you are currently getting ready for the Indoor Marching season That show is "Inspire Yourself In Music" This is a rock and classical theme then our drum corps show is Combo for Carolina Crown 2017 ITIS and Colts "Both Sides Now" and both of the groups music must be at the most difficult level we can like world class on drugs like i call it. I would be more than happy to send you what i have so far and what we need right now is show writers for indoor percusion and will get the arrangers later
Serious Inqiueys only please as i have a very Tight dead line for this show Email Me @ tstmainoffice@gmail.com (Subject: Writers)

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a year ago

Please Read if you are really serious about this.

Hello, my name is Alan Tedder and I am going to start a music business and I need some writers that are going to be serious about this and take time to write the best music of their minds and place it on the sheet. I am writing concert and marching band. I am making a website, which it will launce before ( I hope,) Christmas. The music will take a while to develop and as soon as our shows and pieces and other fun stuff come to place and promote my website and the sources, I believe we can have the best music out there! Please consider this, it would make a difference for me and my future as a composer.

Concert: Woodwind, Low Brass, and pit. I will write the percussion 1 and 2 parts for the music.
Marching: Woodwind, Pit, and Drumline. I will write the Low Brass, since I have crazy experience.

I hope some people and I can come together and write and make music as good as our ears can hear. I believe in hard work, and I want to make this thing a living habit, not just a another thing to do. Interested? Email me at Alantedder1@gmail.com for more information.

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2 years ago

Looking for help transcribing percussion parts for Drum Corps shows.

Hi! I've been transcribing drum corps shows for a bit under a year now. I've always had a problem with transcribing percussion, however. I can somewhat manage to transcribe front ensemble parts sometimes, but I'm mostly lost with snare/tenor/bass parts. If anyone can help me transcribe parts for any of my shows, that'd be great! I'm looking for people who either play percussion and/or are experienced with writing/transcribing perc parts.

If you do send me percussion parts, I'll obviously credit you on the score.

The five shows I have that I'd like to have full percussion scores for at some point are:
Carolina Crown 2010 - A Second Chance
Carolina Crown 2015 - Inferno
Carolina Crown 2016 - Relentless
The Academy 2016 - Drum Corpse Bride
The Cadets 2016 - Awakening

All five scores are in my spotlight, if you'd like to view them. As a last note, I'm sure to transcribe more shows in the future, and I'd love help with those too.

Thanks! Leave a comment or send me a message if you're interested.

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a year ago

Need a battery writer?

Hello, my name is Cameron Henn. Im looking into writing shows and have concepts, but I don't really have COMPLETED concepts with music. I play snare drum, have marched everything, and my writing proficiency is pretty decent. If anyone is looking for a writer please write back! Thanks all and happy writing!!!
- Cameron Henn

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a year ago

New Game Idea?

Hey, drum corps fans! I had an interesting idea. In light of all these challenges on MuseScore I thought of this game for all my current and aspiring arranger/transcriber/composer friends in this group. Drum corps is one of the easiest ensembles for amateurs to write for (no hate) so this is also a good gateway into composing if you know your stuff. I don't know squat about real music theory--never taken classes and rarely been taught any. I just have an affinity for it (and you can too!).

The idea is that you get some categories and you write a segment of a show based on those categories. Then everyone guesses what those restraints were and whoever gets it correct first gets to do the next round. Here's some comprehensive rules:


-Go to www.random.org and generate (this is called a "roll") a set of numbers (will elaborate if this carries through). That set of numbers dictates the following categories:
1.) Time period (old school, Bb era, etc.)
2.) Corps style (Bluecoats, Spirit, etc.)
3.) Show section (closer, ballad, etc.)
4.) Composer/Genre/Piece (Eric Whitacre, La Vie en Rose, etc.)
5.) Strange twist (optional, just for fun)
You pick THREE of the FIVE categories to follow. If you get a combination that reeaally doesn't work together or you get completely stumped what to write, you are allotted ONE re-roll of any category. This can only be done within the first 36 hours of the round (between 6:00PM (EST) Friday and 6:00AM (EST) Sunday). The remaining two categories you may choose to ignore or you can also do them for fun.

-THE SCORE MUST USE THE STOCK SOUNDFONT (FluidR3?). People won't want to find and download your special snowflake soundfont so they can listen. MuseScore is notation software, not specifically playback software. This will be a challenge in it of itself. You MAY write in Finale if you so choose; just know that it sounds very different with FluidR3. Also know that the conversion is more than just exporting/importing a compressed XML file.

-You have 7 full days, starting at 6:00PM (EST) on a Friday and ending at 5:59PM (EST) the next Friday. This includes writing time AND guessing time for the listeners. You can finish the piece in 4 hours or 6.5 days. The less time you take, the longer time they have to guess (and vice versa).

-When you are ready for the guessing to begin, title it whatever you'd like, upload it, and add it to the group. Start a discussion in this group announcing your completion: provide the title, link to the score, and the three categories you chose to accomplish. If you did more than three categories you still MUST choose THREE for the people to guess and reveal the extra one(s) you accomplished.

-Let the first person that guesses correctly know that they got it right by replying to them in the thread (make sure to keep an eye out on the thread so you don't miss it). Try and reply closest to 6:00PM (EST) on Friday as you can. Include their username, timestamp of when they guessed, and the results.

-Said person gets to do the next round. The following Friday at 6:00PM (EST) they will repeat this process. After you go, you are not allowed to guess the next round (to try and avoid two or three people going over and over).

-If no one correctly guesses, it defaults to the first person to guess at least two categories correctly. If none, first person to guess at least one category. If none, first person to guess at all. The show must go on.

-If there is a correct guess, the person who wrote the score may also submit at new "strange twist" to add to the list if they would like. If there was no correct guess, this rule does not apply.

-We would use the honor system heavily with this game. You cannot roll your numbers before Friday at 6:00PM (EST). You cannot "team up" and cheat so you can get the next round. You cannot collaborate. You cannot plagiarize. Use common sense. Be a nice, humble, self-accountable person :)

Notice I never said "winner" in this post. The goal is not a "winning" piece or to "be the winner" by spewing your knowledge everywhere. The goal is to have some fun writing, guessing, learning, and being a self-accountable and knowledgeable individual in the most humble way you can.

I am not an admin of this group so I don't know if I can even suggest this game. If you fans like this idea, let me know by replying. If the admin(s) of this page don't like it being here but I get lots of positive feedback I may start a separate group and enlist another admin or two to make sure it runs smoothly. I would love your replies and criticism as well :)

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2 years ago


Can somebody PLEASE make a score for Talkin out the side of your neck by Cameo, you know like the ones that the college pep bands do, it doesnt have to be terribly long but I would like all parts including percussion

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6 years ago