Can we please just take a moment and appreciate

Dec 7, 2015

Can we please just take a moment and appreciate how great this group is. I can picture what everyone in this group looks like. Just people, you probably play an instrument, maybe two or three, who have taken up composing and arranging their own music. You're probably pretty disorganized, but once in a while, whilst fooling around on your instrument, you come up with a little tune. "Aha!" you say, "this sounds so great! Everyone's going to love this!" so you quickly put away your instrument, waltz over to the computer, sit down and open up musescore 2.2, set up your new manuscript, and all of a sudden you see those rows and rows of daunting staves, their five lines menacingly stare you down. You are overwhelmed. After either 15 minutes or an hour and a half, (no in between) you either produce a lackluster rendition of your original plan, or you give up altogether. I think the function of this group should be to support us striving composers and arrangers. After all, this is one of the hardest things to do. Beyond that support, we should all get to know one another. You probably share similar interests with someone reading this right now. Get to know them. Maybe they'll help share the burden and collaborate with you. It is time for the members of this group to realize why they are here. We are here for good reasons. We care. We just don't always have the means or the motivation to carry out our plans. Just think - if you had gotten just one of your thoughts to perfection, aren't you certain people would have loved it?

Sorry for rambling I just really think the whole concept behind this group is important. But just take a minute and appreciate why you're here. Then go and make your visions a reality!


I'm not sure what to say except "Wow"! That certainly describes my creative process. I'm so pleased that this group has put such feelings into your skull. I agree that this group should be a
coadjuvant endeavor, and that if anyone else is interested, we should start hosting competitions/collaborations/well, you get the idea. Thank you very much for your input!
hahaha I'm new here and this is basically me--a teen with a piano and electric organ and a lot of melodies floating in her brain!--Leia

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