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Jul 30, 2014

Hello group members! I was just wondering, to the currently five people in this group, why did you join? What are you hoping to gain from this? General questions. Say what's on your mind, what you think of this group... I could go on forever =)


hi. i joined cause i can get good ideas but when i try to write them down the sound really bad so i don't post them. Maybe this group could help. :)
That's exactly what I was hoping for as a response. So far, you're the only response, thanks =) I hope this helps.
I joined because the description exactly describes me.
I hoped it would! That tends to happen, I'm surprised nobody else has done this before! I hope this experience is as beneficial to you as it has been to me so far =)
Yeah, this typically happens with my compostions.
"I joined because the description exactly describes me." The same reason for me
I joined because I can get good ideas but can't get them out
oh, wow, im an admin. Thanks! :D
Same here! I hope that i can get some help in the future from you guys. I write song lyrics and song parodies. But, I haven't fully grasped how to read sheet music, so I haven't written tunes for them.
P.S. I'm a violist
Awesome! And I didn't learn how to officially read music until three months ago, and I was composing decent songs before then. MuseScore makes it easy to write songs without knowing ANYTHING =)
I have trouble writing exactly what is in my head, but some times the end result is even better!
Yeah, I can appreciate that (a few months later).
Much of what I've written was basic guitar and tried to transcribe to piano. With MuseScore, I intend to expand with what I hear in my mind... hopefully.
Hopefully, probably, they can mean the same thing if you believe...
Okay, that was me crossing the defining line between motivator and fortune cookie.
"I joined because the description exactly describes me." Same here...
I've always had this problem. It feels like a disorder.

I've joined because when I compose something I like in my head, I can never seem to be able to play it in reality in the same way. I also want to see if I can help anyone else out; my help will probably be more leaned to what the piece suggests to me and if that's what you wanted to suggest; and not really much of the technical stuff.

I play the flute, piccolo, piano and learning guitar.
I am Annelieve Ruyters and I am from Belgium (explains the weird name LOL.) Every day, I go to a British school (British accent... When I was in America last year they were like admiring it or something). I play violin and piano, and I know how to work with certain percussion instruments. I am 13 years old. I like composing soundtracks, and I am in a band. The band I play in is a mix of classical and modern music. We usually do battles (Maybe I can put them on Musescore?) And usually do some experiments with Celtic music.
I probably have more formal training than most people who have joined this group (I'm studying AP music theory), so I can write pretty much anything that sounds traditional. But when I try to write something more exotic or chromatic, disaster! (Normally. Sometimes something special happens, but rarely.) My orchestrations are also quite poor, even though it sounds really great in my head. Bottom line: innovation is REALLY hard.
the description=me, especially if I'm transcribing Hamilton.
I wish I would have found this group a long time ago. When I was signing up I showed my wife the title of the group and said, "Hey look, that's me!" She laughed and said I wasn't that bad. I said "Well, I could be a lot better though." (IF I could get what's in my head on "paper"!)
I just looked here and was like "That's totally me" XD
Hello! I joined this group because it describes me exactly. I have the melodies in my head, and the right notes, but I can never get the right note values. That's my one major flaw in music :p
Whoa!!! There are others that struggle with the same thing I struggle with? lol.

I just stumbled on this group and was like, "This is me, I gotta get in this group!" So, I joined! I can totally relate to practically every comment in this thread.
To show my support for all of you, I followed everyone in the group. And if you followed me back, I would appreciate it ;p
To show my support for all of you, I followed everyone in the group. Since I know for myself, just seeing the followers number increase is a huge encouragement for me. And, if you follow me back, I would appreciate that too ;p

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