The Early Days Postathon!

Mar 20, 2015

As composers whose skills are often sub-par to our aspirations, it is often hard to see the good qualities in ourselves. This is why I have decided to hold another postathon (newly dubbed "postathon") wherein, as comments in this discussion, we post the links to our earliest composition directly above the links to our most recent or, if you like this better, our best composition. I have posted my earliest already; it is in private, and I am allowing only members of this group to view it. Once I have completed and posted my best piece, "The Mystery Within an Autumn wood", I will comment on this discussion in the criteria that I wrote above, which, I'll rehiterate, is the link to my earliest composition, and then a link to my most recent/best composition. But I digress: here is the best part. Once enough link-comments have been posted, you must comment on someones newer piece, assessing the improvements the composer has made since their earliest piece, and complimenting them on the newer one. Constructive criticism and suggestions on how to future improve are just as if not more welcome. I figured this would be a good way to help someone establish their flaws and qualities, hopefully to balance their passion
and their ability in the long-run! Let's get to posting!


This sounds fun! I'll see what I can do.
I'm glad to see two responses already! What I meant by posting was copying and pasting the two links into a comment. If that sounds condescending, I mean it only to be clear, because I don't know how clear I was in the discussion description.
Okay, I will admit I forgot about this until now, so I won't be hypocritical and reprimand everyone else for doing so as well =) hopefully a few people will submit in the following days!
Anyone else interested in trying to get this started again. :)
Absolutely! But... it never really started in the first place =/
Well why don't you and I start.
My first completed work:
My most recent completed work:

Ironically the most recently completed one was my first started but I came back to it after I had started to figure out what I was doing.

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