is this group dead? I just joined and would like to fan boy over instruments

6 months ago

I Have Music To Post / Introduction

Hi, I'm very new to Musescore groups but have been arranging for bass clarinet for a year or two, how do I post here? I am an ecstatic bass clarinet player who would very much like to be a part of this online community. Thanks!

6 months ago

yo i need sheet music

Can anyone make me a bass clarinet solo that i can play to practice bass clarinet before i go back to school i'm in 8th grade so don't make it too hard!

7 months ago

Bass clarinet memes

Maybe the group won't be dead anymore if we post bass clarinet memes.  
And.... can someone please explain to me how to post an image? Copying and pasting does not work for me.

10 months ago