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Jul 10, 2018

I didn't think to go deep into the subject of bass guitar, although I have an acoustic instrument for home music.

But there were pieces, where the bass is revealed unexpectedly full and beautiful — that's why I decided that it is necessary to share.
However, there was no group where such scores were in demand.
So this group was created.

And then there were musical pieces, where a variety of instruments have a solo in the bass register. And the group slowly began to be filled with content. Yet the catalog is very modest. But it's not evening yet...


Many years ago I played in a chamber orchestra.
We performed Haydn's "Farewell Symphony".
I played the bass solo in the last part, finished  it, like all the other musicians put out the candle and left the  stage...
It would be interesting to find this score.
P.S. But I played this solo not on the contrabass, but on the brass baritone.
i have an old 1930's string bass i am rebuilding--if i ever get the time.  have yet to replace the gear heads as i want to make these myself from brass.  (and i like to challenge the idea that first violin gets the cool parts).  does all that count for a membership?
Dear @jmoses!
For a membership is enough to make you want to be here!

You can search here the scores you need. It is clear that there is no point in looking for works for the Piccolo flute. :-)

But in order to find something here, we must at first to make a collection of such scores! If you have worthy works — you are welcome!  — each of your score has a menu item "Add to Group".

It should be 1) the scores of interesting music, 2) in which the bass part is really solo, at least partially.
Hi @Aquarius-Ru ! You are adding different instruments for this group in 'group categories' section, but the description written by you says:

Here it is supposed to gather a collection of scores in which the any bass (guitar or contrabass) has a really interesting party, own line, fully or partially solo. 

So, according to that, it's just about bass guitar and contrabass. If you want to add it to other categories, please update the description of the group, and, perhaps, it's title.
@Alexander T, you are right!
I fixed it. Thank you!
The understanding of the aims and content of this Group was not by one moment. It was long process... :-)

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