Bassoon Problems/Jokes

You know you're a bassoonist when...
You're excited at the idea of new reeds.
Your seat strap decides to fall off mid-song.
You know exactly when your seat strap is at optimum position.
You know EXACTLY how to make foghorn noises.
You're probably not very loud. To the point at which your band director will start talking to players who share your part (ex. Tubas), and they never remember you play too.
You are quirky, make strange and interesting noises, and are proud of it.
You like having spare cork grease, just in case your bassoon needs even MORE cork grease.
Chances are, you have named your bassoon.
Because you sound so awesome when you do it, you now have a greater appreciation for bass parts.

Any other ideas?

4 years ago

Bassoon Reeds

Has anyone ever had problems where a reed will work for this or that period of time, then stop working? And it's not because of a crack in the reed?

4 years ago

My Vivaldi bassoon concerto on youtube

Dear bassonists, in one of our vesper-concertos on march 23th I played the Vivaldi bassoon concerto e minor RV 484 accompanied by my Chamber Orchester Betzdorf. One of the singers of my choir took a video of that with her small camera and gave it to me as a present. Of course quality is bad. Nevertheless I wanted to give you an impression. Please watch my video on youtube:

4 years ago