Admins, anyone?

I'm looking for any available group members that would like to be an admin. If you'd like to be an admin, please comment with just a short description of why you'd like to be one and/or what you would do as an admin.

I'm only accepting two admins at the moment.

>w< Thanks for taking the time to look at this, lol

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2 years ago

Hello there!

Welcome to my new group, Best of Anime Music! I'm sort of a newer person here, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it here! Don't worry, you can talk to me and submit your music! Compose on, anime lovers!

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3 years ago


Why is there two scores put up for the Dango song from Clannad? I mean I know one is piano and one is marimba but they are both in C so why? And it's obvious to tell which one is the older one and which one is the copy and pasted version lol so nice try. I just need to understand why you even bothered to do that.

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3 years ago