Birthday Reminders!

I think this will be useful- Post here if your birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. That way we can remember to compose for you and not have to look through the long list of discussion.

3 years ago

Song requests

Write your name, a link to your profile, your birthday, and whether you prefer a composition (for example, a waltz) or an arrangement (if an arrangement, say of what). You can look at other people's requests and see what interests you, and do it. You can for as many people as you want, and likewise, a person can receive as many as people want to give them, but please try to make one for everyone.

Once you're done, post it on the group in reply to their request or send it to them through the messaging system (on their profile). Good luck!

3 years ago

Notifying your song recipient

I've noticed that perhaps not all song recipients have seen their songs, so here is how to notify them: After writing the song, do not add a comment to the discussion, but reply to the recipient's request. This way, it will show up in their dashboard and they'll see it.

Thank you and happy birthday (don't forget to check the "Requests" discussion to see if you missed a song made for you)!


3 years ago

The diminuendo of this group

Hi everyone,

This group was off to a great start, but it all slowly puttered out. I myself am pretty busy right now, and I am sure many other people are, too, what with finals and schoolwork and jobs and whatnot, but it would be very helpful if you could just take the time to do something - it doesn't have to be very long.

There are a few birthdays coming up, and I am sorry to say we missed a few, so please help me get this group running again.

Again, sorry to all those whose birthdays have been missed! We will attempt to make up as many as we can.


3 years ago