The Rift Movement

This is not a contest (but feel free to treat it as such) I just want to do something fun that might help get/keep everybody's creative spirit up. There are rules tho, so it is a challenge I guess. The most important thing is to have fun. :)
0 do as many as you like, but for each one you do you must either add or remove a sharp/flat from the key signature.
1 Title line must say rift/ rift movement and explain the piece (The second part is not mandatory but preferred) also post it here in this group, and if you want to join the group
2 It must be a guitar solo: bass, electric, acoustic, etc. but a guitar solo
3 no more than ten instruments (this includes multiple parts for a single instrument)
4 multiple percussion, take a look at mine to see what I mean
5 Must have a tempo ranging from 70-160
6 one type of guitar per solo/rift i.e. if you have an acoustic guitar you can only have one acoustic guitar, you can have an acoustic bass guitar tho
7 time from 1-3 minutes not everybody likes a 5 minute guitar solo
8 have fun and spread the word (post the link somewhere, challenge your friends, etc.) If you dedicated to someone on the site that is considered a method of asking them to do one

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