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Not particularly serious, but fun and shareable. Perhaps some of you see some uses, or other fun explorations?

Augmentation canons at 1.5 augmentation

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Ockeghem's Missa Prolationum opens with a canon in augmentation that involves augmenting the note values by 1.5, being a pre-baroque mass the hemiolas and complicated rhythms just flow nicely, but do you know of baroque composers employing this type of augmentation? Here some quick and dirty experimentation to get a feel.

I don't think I made major mistakes but it is just exploratory in quality.

Augmentation canon á 3

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I like writing augmentation canons where the top voice can be repeated for the duration of the augmentation, making the theme self sufficient. This is an experiment in 3 voices where the theme repeats 4 times over its longest augmentation.

Two dissimilar fugues at once

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This is a fugue in F major and a fugue in D minor that can be played at the same time. I appended the fugues seperately at the end.

It is based on ideas by Pietro Raimondi who wrote whole fugues in different keys that can be played at once. It's hard to find his music online, but I did want to see how well it works at all, this is a little proof a concept.

Canons in O Denneboom

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Violin, Viola, Cello
These are 4 canons in unison, inversion, retrograde and augmentation that accompany a dutch/german christmas song. The canons all have shorter lengths than the theme, requiring them to accompany the A the B section. Some additional things I had difficulty with were the augmentation canon, which has 3x ratio and the dux is repeated 3 times over its own augmentation and the retrograde canon that also has a time offset which creates 2 more awkard than regular points of crossing.

It is a bit of a practice/experiment piece so not very polished, any feedback is still welcome of course

Chaconne and Canon in C

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Hello all! This piece is (as the title indicates) a chaconne and a canon in C. The original plan was to write a pair with each tonal center, but I ran out of inspiration to that end. However, I think that it has some interesting ideas in it and I hope you enjoy.

Also, I want to thank Elliot Butler for gifting me a pro account for the past month, it has been much appreciated. This will be my last upload with the pro account. If you like any of my older peices once I'm not pro then let me know and I will try to send you a copy.

Sorry about not having a youtube channel yet, I keep putting it off. :) Audio: