Alright! CCC#1!!!

Hi again! I really hope to see a lot of composers join this competition! I borrowed the hundred point grading system from Celliot P. and Robin M. Butler over at HSCC ( lol. If we can do a second CCC, then it will only be a month, but for my first competition group on my own, I thought I'd give people a little more time to find the group :) The deadline for this competition is May 1 at 12:00 A.M. Eastern US time.

The only requirements are that you submit a choral composition, 2.5-6.5 minutes, with CCC#1 in the title! More details in the group description. I'll accept arrangements (with attribution) and originals, though they'll be graded differently, with a winner in each division. Those winners get to, if they so desire, come on board for the (hopefully) next CCC as guest judges!

Scoring is as follows:
-Overall Reaction: 5
-Musicality (Originals) ||OR|| Identifiability (Arrangements): 25
-Originality: 25
-Vocal Comprehension/Singability: 15
-Text/Syllables: 15
-Accompaniment/A Cappella Skill: 15

Please consider trying this out, even if you've never written for choir before! Part of my mission is to spread choral composition to those who have yet to write it :D

Love and virtual hugs, Andy (Texadon the Blue Kitty)

2 years ago

CCC#1 Submissions

Here are the submissions for our FIRST CCC EVER!!!!!!!
(This is just to keep track. Nothing is final until 12 AM May first, so if you want to change or edit your piece feel free!)

Alla Pollaca II: Psalm 12
spinnertyp2: Der gute Hirte: Psalm 23
António Godinho4: Ave Maria
coolGuy418000 @ Skyrkysh Studios: Chorale on Psalm 67
bnjmpl: Spirit Blues Part 2

2 years ago