Alright! CCC#1!!!

Mar 24, 2017

Hi again! I really hope to see a lot of composers join this competition! I borrowed the hundred point grading system from Celliot P. and Robin M. Butler over at HSCC ( lol. If we can do a second CCC, then it will only be a month, but for my first competition group on my own, I thought I'd give people a little more time to find the group :) The deadline for this competition is May 1 at 12:00 A.M. Eastern US time.

The only requirements are that you submit a choral composition, 2.5-6.5 minutes, with CCC#1 in the title! More details in the group description. I'll accept arrangements (with attribution) and originals, though they'll be graded differently, with a winner in each division. Those winners get to, if they so desire, come on board for the (hopefully) next CCC as guest judges!

Scoring is as follows:
-Overall Reaction: 5
-Musicality (Originals) ||OR|| Identifiability (Arrangements): 25
-Originality: 25
-Vocal Comprehension/Singability: 15
-Text/Syllables: 15
-Accompaniment/A Cappella Skill: 15

Please consider trying this out, even if you've never written for choir before! Part of my mission is to spread choral composition to those who have yet to write it :D

Love and virtual hugs, Andy (Texadon the Blue Kitty)


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