Android 7

If it isnt too much to ask to check out my account (Nathan Rakes) and look at the music pieces there. I worked hard on them, and i dont want them to go without any notice. The music is all original, and i will be performing Android 7 on february 25, 2015 along with 4 of my friends. One of which is Tribune diablo, or airik. He will play the cello part which is quite difficult. So if you get a chance, tell him good luck for me and dont be afraid to comment on my music in this discussion. I will check back in with it after thanksgiving. Happy holidays!

3 years ago

The Admin is Back!

Hi, guys! It's good to see you again!
I am still writing music.
It's just that... um... I'm thinking about making a new style.
Meanwhile, it will be appreciated if you guys commented on my pieces.
I am garrett2018274.

Garrett (Admin)

5 years ago

The Next Admin

I am 'old' (I mean, as an admin), so I want to give my admin position to somebody else. Reply if you want to be the next admin and tell me why you want to be the admin.

5 years ago

Join this awsome new competition group!

Join the "Tricky Team Competitions Contest" group now if you like to do teamwork and competitions! Yeah I know you all like competitions to see who can compose better music, so join now!

5 years ago

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!

I would just like to say thank you to all the people that commented on my work. I've gotten great feedback and I have learnt much. I used to think i would never be good at composing or arranging, but now I see that I can do it. All the comment you guys gave me helped me increase my knowledge of music. So to that, I say thank you!!! =D

5 years ago

Skype ID

Does anyone have a Skype ID? I think it would be better to make a discussion on Skype than to make it here. We don't check here that often.

5 years ago

Greetings fellow young musicians!

Hi peoples! I noticed that this group had no discussions, so I'm going to start it off by getting us to acquaint ourselves with each other! I'll start off with me, OathOblivio (obviously)! I'm in 8th grade and I play the euphonium! State your username, grade (optional), and the instrument you play!

5 years ago