About Yourself

Hay! I would like anyone willing to tell us a little about yourself:

1. What instrument(s) you play.

2. Your musical occupation (what you do with your musical abilities. e.g. praise team member, worship leader, composer, lyricists, etc.)

3. Your favorite music to listen to.

4. Anything else you would like to say about yourself...(age for example).

5 years ago

Insider Tipp: Looking up this groups!

Hello dear MuseScore composer,

Sorry if that sounds odd, but I watch your activity on MuseScore for a long time with increasing interest. The answer is quite simple: You are the born talent. There's something in you and I noticed that quickly. Since I would like to make the group "Orchestra Glory to God", which I founded, a bit by Musescore internal PR here and there, I invite you into my group.

We are all different people, and yet the Christian mission, the Christian faith with which we want to make music, unites us.

I need people who use their scores / compositions to pick up the people to get in touch with them. Quiet music can be very useful in discussing the basis of this common foundation - which we call faith in Jesus Christ!

I look forward to your Feddback!

PS: Please allow me a hint: I am also the administrator of this group here: Praise to God - The international orchestra of the people who believes in God and trust in him.

If you can help me here, I would be very grateful to you!

a year ago

Christian Based MuseScore Groups

There seems to be a plethora of "Christian" groups on MuseScore, many recently created. While this is fine for Discussion boards, one thing you must realize, those who do not have Pro accounts are limited to posting their scores to 5 groups. Because of this, I only post my Christian based music to one "Christian" group. That group is “Christian MuseScorers”, established in 2012 with over 250 members. I find it suits my needs. The other groups I post to, based on the nature of the score, are:

1. MuseScore Composers (group)
2. All Compositions Allowed (group)
3. Songs with Lyrics, lyrics for songs (group)
4. Original Compositions (group)
5. Self-taught Composers (group)

To view a list of Christian based songs I have posted on MuseScore, search for s0crate (with a zero) in the Search for sheet music text box. Since I am poor, I have created multiple basic accounts starting with the name s0crate. Peace.

a year ago

Answers to Prayer

WOW! Just WOW!

How often does it happen, and we miss it, or pass it off as mere coincidence?

This morning, concerned about the attacks against this ministry, and the trials that we are going through, I wrote a hymn, "Our Fortress Strong" (at http://musescore.com/user/78859/scores/110335 ), then got it released, and announced, and went to Bible study. This morning, the Lord moved the study leader to break with routine, and bring in a couple of old hymns, instead of using the song book that we normally use to sing. Those hymns were, "Standing on the Promises of God" and "A Mighty Fortress is our God". While singing this morning, there was a point that I had to fight back tears: "My Daddy is answering me! The God of all creation is bowing down to whisper in MY ear!" I could feel the Spirit pointing me to each and every word that Luther wrote!

WOW! Just WOW!

How often, as I said, do we miss these things, because we are so focused on our problems, and not on our Solver?

How about spreading some encouragement?

Please! Share some of your own such answers, here!

5 years ago

Group Rules

These are the rules of this group:

1) No profanity or inappropriate language in anything posted here. I will delete anything that violates this.

2) No trolling

3) No harsh criticism in the comments. I will delete such comments. advice and mild critiques are encouraged, but nothing destructive.

4) All of the music posted must be spiritually active. In other words, the lyrics must convey meaning that gives glory to God. In the case of an instrumental, It must invoke an attitude of worship (slow and pensive is good). I will monitor what comes through and if I don't feel it meets this requirement, I will delete it.

5) Follow all of the rules and enjoy composing for the Lord!

Please suggest new rules If you think of any. Thank you.

6 years ago

For You're Understanding

Please understand this is not just a group of Christian composers. This group is a place to post PRAISE and WORSHIP MUSIC, nothing else. In the "Group Rules", I stated that the songs posted on here must be praise worthy. Some instrumentals meet this requirement, but NOT ALL of them. "The Eternal Love of God" by Aaron Cruz is a good example of of a song that follows this rule.

If I remove one of your songs from the group, please don't think that I don't like the score, it is only because it is not the kind of music I would like to see shared on this group. No hard feeling please. All I wan't to do is make sure that the foundation of this group remains solid.

6 years ago

A Prayer Request

A young friend has just shared that a young missionary in training, Jason, has been killed. I do not know the details involved, except that he leaves behind a wife and two children. I ask all of you to join us in prayer regarding all aspects of this occurrence.

5 years ago

A Very Serious Prayer Request

I have come to the understanding that God held me back from my daily reading (both Sunday and today) until I should have sat through an intense session of prayer with my brothers here.

We did not do our normal Bible study (though Scripture did get read during it), but, instead, we went before God in prayer. An attack of the enemy got revealed to the ministry. The exact nature was not revealed to us in the meeting, but it seemed very serious.

Immediately I began hearing the Reverend's words, in my spirit the Spirit was telling me. I'm God! I got this! More Scripturally, "Cease! I am God!" (Psalm 46:10).

Twice I was called upon to pray aloud (the second time, I had wanted to share Hebrews 11, but I was called to pray instead, so I did). As I prayed, I recalled aloud the incident where a foreign king was speaking and writing great slanders against God, and the king of Judah took that scroll and stretched it out before the King of Heaven, and prayed that He should prevail over this wickedness that had come against His people and therefore against His own Name. At one point I even shared the text of the first stanza of today's hymn. http://tinyurl.com/billseymuse

It was after having left the prayer meeting on a particular high, that I settled down to read the daily readings from Sunday and from today. You're going to LOVE it! Psalms 110-112 (Sunday's) and Isaiah 54 & 55 (today's)!


My friends, we desperately need your prayers, and what actions the Lord would have you conduct on our behalf, this day! Batter the doors of heaven for us until they should open to your pleas!

I should also share that the hearing that had been scheduled for July 2nd has been indefinitely postponed. It will be rescheduled (very likely on extremely short notice), so stay in prayer over that as well!

5 years ago