Prelude No. 2 "Farewell" ~ Announcement in Description

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DISCLAIMER - This message I have for you is going to get very real. Not that any of you will really mind, but here goes:

When I first uploaded this score, people asked me if I was leaving MuseScore. Well, I am re-posting it now to tell you that I am taking a hiatus from MuseScore. For so long, this place has been my home, my place to post my new work, but as time has gone on, I have gotten increasingly busy and have lost the dedication to keep up with my internet image. It has also been hard on me living in my younger brother's shadow, and so for my own benefit, I am taking a break. My welcome has run out on MuseScore.

If there's anyone who would like to keep up with what I'm doing, you can find my YouTube channel linked in my bio.

From "A Journey to Mars" to "Drama for Orchestra No. 6," I appreciate all of your support. This journey appears to be over for me.

If you would like to talk to me, I would still welcome that, my email address is, and I'd love to keep up with the valuable connections I have made during my time here.

God bless you all. It's been fun.

Elliot P. Butler

Fugue N°8 en Si mineur

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Hello everyone ! Here the eighth fugue of my fugue collection ! very soon it will be finished ! Hope that you will like it !

Fugue N°5 en Sib Majeur

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Hello everyone, here is my fifth fugue ! It is a very old one, I change some little thing, but it is pratiquely the same than before ! I like it as it is ! Enjoy it, it is very short !

Guess The Song!

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So I saw a few a these on the website and thought it would be fun to make one.
Basically you just listen to the song and guess what the different parts are.

I own none of these, but they were all transcribed by me, and as I am only human (or rather Espurr) there are a few errors in pitch and timing. I apologize for the distinct lack of accompaniment, because I haven't practiced transcribing that.

3 and 5 are both not in the right key, but this is the way they sounded right to me on my piano. There may be more like that.

Different people have different rules, so hear are mine:
You can make as many guesses as you want.
When guessing, you must say the name of the song and what it's from.
The name of the series is NOT good enough; you must name the particular title it was in.
Have fun!

Note: Some of these songs are memes or not from anything. If it is from a meme, say it's from YouTube. If it's standalone, name the artist that made it.

Currently there are ten songs, but I will probably be adding more in the future.

List of songs:
1. Xenoblade Chronicles X: Black Tar (Guessed by BlueKirby 2/8/2019)
2. Splatoon: Now or Never (Guessed by Spencer Riffle 2/8/2019)
3. Sonic Unleashed: Perfect Dark Gaia (Guessed by Caleb Harris 2 2/17/2019)
4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Main Theme (Guessed by WilsonE7 2/11/2019)
6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Exploration (Guessed by Caleb Harris 2 2/16/2019)
7. Splatoon: Splattack! (Guessed by Spencer Riffle 2/8/2019)
8. Xenoblade Chronicles X: Don't Worry (Guessed by WilsonE7 2/11/2019)
9. Star Wars: The Force Theme (Guessed by Christian Raduns 2/8/2019)
10. Pokémon X/Y: Battle!(Pokémon Trainer) (Guessed by WilsonE7 2/11/2019)
11. Sparta Remix (Guessed by Caleb Harris 2 2/16/2019)
12. Jurassic Park: Main Theme (Guessed by E.tH-Try 2/9/2019)
13. A-ha: Take on Me (Guessed by Russian_Bear 2/10/2019)
14. Misha: I Play Pokémon Go (Guessed by BlueKirby 2/9/2019)
15. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Duel of the Fates (Guessed by Russian_Bear 2/10/2019)
18. American National Anthem: Star-Spangled Banner (Guessed by E.tH-Try 2/9/2019)
19. YouTube: Keyboard Cat (Guessed by Russian_Bear 2/11/2019)
20. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Lifelight (Guessed by Russian_Bear 2/11/2019)
21. Pokémon B/W: Battle!(Reshiram/Zekrom) (Guessed by BlueKirby 3/4/19)
22. Pokémon X/Y: Battle!(Champion Diantha) (Guessed by BlueKirby 3/3/19)
23. Pokémon B/W: Battle! (Team Plasma Grunt) (Guessed by BlueKirby 3/4/19)
25. LazyTown: We Are Number One (Guessed by Pianosyghu415 3/2/2019)
26. Pokémon R/S/E: Sea Mauville (Guessed by BlueKirby 3/4/19)
27. Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion: Fly Octo Fly (Guessed by BlueKirby 3/4/19)
28. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Zelda's Lullaby (Guessed by ericgdaw 3/4/19)
29. Halo: Combat Evolved: Main Theme (Guessed by ericgdaw 3/4/19)
30. Psych: Theme Song (Guessed by ericgdaw 3/4/19)
32. Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate (Guessed by Pianosyghu415)
33. Super Smash Bros 4: Main Theme (Guessed by ericgdaw 3/4/19)
36. Bad Lip Reading: Seagulls!(Stop it Now) (Guessed by bubbleheadjr 3/7/19)

Fugue N°4 en Sol Majeur

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Here is my fourth fugue ! I hope that you will like it ! it is a real calvary to find a good subject today ! But I try my best ! Enjoy the music !

Fugue N°3 en Fa Majeur

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Hey everyone ! I have decided to compose others fugues ! So here is the third one ! Hope that you'll like it ! I try to make better each time !

Tell Me, Niño

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Percussion, Voice(3), Harp, Piano
This is a sprightly Spanish Christmas carol from Andalucia, in Southern Spain. The accompaniment is especially fun.

My original arrangement was published by Oxford University Press back in the 1990's, but they have taken it out of print and the rights have reverted back to me. That's a good thing, because it gave me a chance to scrub it, add castanets, revise the ending, and make it available to you for free!

As with all my work posted on Musescore, you are welcome to use this music in any non-profit way you wish, provided you give me credit as the composer/arranger. If you want to use it for monetary gain, please contact me first.

Runaway (Demo No. 2)

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Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Violin, Cello(2), Voice, Piano, Percussion
Runaway will be released on 4/5/2019
Custom audio


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Piccolo, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion, Piano

Sonata N°3 - "The Victorian" -

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Hello everyone ! Now, I haven't stop composing sonata ! Here is a new one for another person that is one of my best friends ! I hope that you'll like it ! <3

Celthyan - Under the Rain | Emotional Song

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Bassoon, Piano(2), French Horn, Percussion(6), Bass(2), Voice, Harp, Guitar, Strings(4)
Hey there!

Today, I discovered and enjoyed the new Piano roll function on Musescore that let us choose the length of each note, the decay, the velocity...
It is actually the must-have little thing that Musescore added few weeks ago! It totally changes the music because you can create better legato effect, better expressions in the music :D

I really want to thanks Musescore team for all the new features and the work they do everyday to make the software better and manage the soaring community!

I hope you will enjoy !

Soundcloud :
Bandcamp :

Sonata N°2 - "Nathalia's Sonata"

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Hello everyone ! Here is my second sonata, I composed it for a person that I love ! ;) Hope that you'll like it ! Don't hesitate to comment ! Enjoy music !