Arrangement of Moonlight Sonata

I need some feedback on my arrangement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for woodwind quartet. I have been told to be more adventurous with it and only have doublings when I need to. Thing is, Beethoven hasn't given me much to work with here. The only movement that is complete here is the Adagio movement. I am still working on the minuet movement. The hardest part to arrange would be the Presto agitato with all those fast arpeggios and alberti bass.

Here is a link to my arrangement of the Moonlight Sonata:

a month ago

Working on a waltz

This and other dances in general I have kind of been avoiding for the first 10 years that I composed. But I figured that if I am going to start composing dance music, waltzes would be great to start. I decided on a tempo of 90 BPM, so like Andante Moderato in the Italian terminology, to make it not so difficult for people to play once it is finished. I also decided on a key of D major because I compose a lot of my pieces in flat keys so I figured I should balance it out with some sharp keys.

I know these things about a waltz that apply more or less specifically to a waltz:

Most have a 3/4 time signature(though some have a 3/8 time signature and others are at 6/8)
Most are at a moderate speed
Left hand pattern is usually 1 bass note followed by the chord the bass note is in
A lot involve pedaling, though not all do
Waltz is dominated by melody

But I still find writing dance music to be hard, even though it is a shorter length composition than a sonata. Minuets are the hardest for me so far(I tried writing a minuet before and it didn't turn out well). My phrases and melodies in general also tend to be on the long side. So I might end up with a 10 minute waltz instead of a 5 minute waltz. 

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Movie "The Pianist"

Which are all the musical pieces that appear in the film and what is it called where a Nazi soldier finds the lord and plays a piece of Chopin

7 months ago

musicians wanted

Looking for any classical quartet\group to record some pieces I have composed. Instruments include violin, cello, guitar, sax, piano.

6 months ago

Greatest composer

Bach seems to be  the  most  far  reaching , the most exacting , the most  sure  , the  man  with  the  most  sides  to  his  creativity he can laugh,cry  , be  playful and  we  all know how  serious  and  mystical religious or  deity-conscious  he can be . Bach is No.1 . No.2  spot  is  shared  ;Beethoven after Bach sits  on  the  high  mountain with  Charles Ive  ,Varese & Pierre Boulez . Elliott Carter , Scelsi ,Stockhausen (idea comes  before  sound and  pictures come  before  sound.Bible  says  logo  was  first.that means the mind's  eye  was  the  first stone  thrown  out  into  the  cosmos who  share No.2  spot . With Messiaen shares places  with Debussy ,Ravel (whose music means more to me  than Debussy but I know Debussy 's work is a  revelationand he goes  very  far  formally . Purcell and Handel too amaze me  with  directness  and  honesty  . Paganini  is  much more  than  just  a violinist-composer . He had  real  amzing  imagination -there  are  things  he  does  on  violin  which Liszt still isn't  as  difficult t  do on piano. the leaps from string to string and out  of  chordal double-stop  contortions and  hand figurations have  no  real  counterpart  on the  piano plus  the  music  is  really  better  than  all the  subpianist -composers  who started  with JohnFeild  and  continue past antonRubinstein and  so  many  thousands  of  others (mostly opera Paraphrase people ) . After Bach ,I'm beginning to  think the  great  genius  and i mean  genius  because the  breadth  of his   invention is  confunding . I just heard  Maria Pires  play  one of the most  gorgeous  sonatas  of  his that Ive  never  heard  anyone else  play  though  all 550 have  been  recorded by  several  great  harpsichordists  and  maybe  even  a  few  pianists  have played and  recorded all of them  on  the  piano ,Scarlatti does  things  with  a simple  4 octave harpsichord that  the  rest  can't  do  with  8 octaves. the  music  has every  human  emotion andevery  possible sensation  that can be  experienced . Noone was  braver  in his  time  when  it came  to  harmonic  change , rhtyhm  nd  he has clusters you  wont  find  even in Bach or Handel . teh  variety  one  finds in  Scarlatti (even  though  it's  all keyboard  music ;his  father  wrote many  great  operas  so maybe  somewhere  there  are  some  vocal and  choral  music . How   is it  he  never  wrote  a  keyboard concerto for his  spanish  princessa ? Indeed !)  Chopin and Schumann come after  Scarlatti  . After  no. 5 all teh  great  ones  live  in  a celestial city  together . Berlioz,Wagner  and  Mahler  and Bruckner  and Resphigi eat  dinner  together  nightly . 

Créations privées – avant de venir… it’s released already!

… after a last time, when I have had decided to write my first book with sheets music, passed already around one and half month. At beginning I wanted keep all of it, every composition only for myself… but when I have had finished my 3th composition, I have changed my decisions – cause for what shall it profit me if I will keep it only for myself?

When I have had changed my mind, I have had decided write book with piano sheets music. Not just small publication, but trilogy – and here is now first book, and next is coming 1st of July.

Due to the fact that through music is best to reflect what is difficult to show in words, I have had decided to transfer my feelings to the musical notes on the staves… and this has helped me a lot with my own feelings and with creating my first book with piano sheets music.

In the book “Créations privées – avant de venir” is contained 9 piano sheets music and 1 as a bonus, which is a medley – as an additional element I have had decided put selected quote at the end of each song, so that you could better understand the depth of what I feel, and how I perceive the world around me.

Most of the quotes I have had used is from the Word of God (The Bible), but that doesn’t mean that it’s intended only for believers, or some other group of people. The purpose of my music sheets, where I have had attached a selected quotes is let you better understand the depth of feelings.

If you would like to get a book for free, you can download it by following link:

If you wish you can also check out sheets music on my MuseScore profile:

... or on the YouTube playlist:

I hope you will enjoy music sheets in this book.

Kindest regards,
Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo

11 months ago

Favorite piece?

Which piece is your favorite? This is tough for me, because i like a lot of pieces, but i would say my favorite piece is Mozart's Symphony no.25 in G minor- especially the first movement.

6 years ago

Classic Piano

Hey everyone. I'm having a group, that expiciitley collects classical music for piano only. It's not for own compositions though, but to have a library of known classical peaces of famous composers. I'd appreciate it if anyone had something that could be added to the group
Many Thanks

11 months ago


Could I get some constructive criticism on my chamber piece entitled Blackbird? Thank you.

a year ago

Adam Young scores

Throughout 2016, Owl City's Adam Young has released one album a month to portray a significant event in human history. From the launch of Apollo 11 to Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica aboard The Endurance, the building of Mount Rushmore to the first plane flight across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh. And many more! Its a mix orchestral and electronic, driving and expressive. For any classical enthusiast as well as popular music fans, I am sure this marvelous set of music will amaze you!

a year ago

Do you have broadcast quality recordings of your original scores?

Though I've been a MS 'member' for more than 12 months, it's only just occurred to me that I am in a position to give radio airplay to some of your original scores. To do this, the performance must be with real instruments and a of sufficient quality to be broadcast (clean recording, well-balanced as between instruments, etc.). .
The radio station is in Melbourne, Australia, and I have a regular (weekly) breakfast program dedicated to 'classical' music. Presently, the program is a three-hour show. It is preferable that the work be between 3 -7 minutes long. Arrangements of modern scores (i.e. by living or recently deceased composers) cannot be played without permission of the copyright holder of the original work.
Whilst, I have broad tastes and exercise them over the duration of the program, consistently dissonant and/or dislocated pieces (like, e.g. Webern) are unlikely to be played. Like all radio stations, the content is expected to follow certain patterns, especially in the breakfast show (Prokofiev-like, is fine).
The radio station is not-for-profit and is subscriber and donation funded - it does not receive government assistance, therefore, while it has to accountable, through the Australasian Performing Right Association, the work will not be broadcast if a royalty is to be paid.
If you have a recording of your original score that you like to receive airplay, let me know.
You cannot send files through the MS email but after contact has been made, files can be sent one-to-one. If you have a CD recording, I can advise to where it should be sent.
I look forward to 'hearing' from you.

2 years ago