It's time for our third competition! :D
For this contest, simply create an original composition imitating the style of a well-known composer of your choice.
- Any instrumentation is fine
- Keep it under 5 minutes long
- The composer you imitate can be either living or dead, but must be generally known
- All entries must be received by March 24th, 2019
- Enter your compositions in this discussion
- Each user may only submit one piece

- Voting will begin on the March 25th, 2019 and will continue for a week or until 20 votes have been received, whichever is longer.
- In case of a tie, voting will continue until the tie is broken
- The winner will become an administrator of the Piano Compositions group!

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a month ago

A few questions...

Hi guys!
We'll probably be doing another contest soon... so, the first question is:
What types of contests are you most interested in? Please share your opinions!
Also, do you think I should make the contest results available for everyone once the contest is ended (the info would include voters names and where they voted)? I'm going to do this unless anyone objects...
UPDATE: It looks like we're going to do an arrangement competition; I'll provide a them, and y'all get to create a variation of it (for up to 5 instruments and under 5 minutes, and any genre). So the question is:
Would you prefer a classical theme or a non-classical theme (such as pop, etc.) to start with? If you compose classical, it might be funner to start with a contemporary song, and vice-versa... Please let me know!

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2 months ago


Okay, our next competition is finally here, and this time it is an arrangement contest! :D

- It is open to all members of this group (so join now if you haven't yet!)
- Contestants must submit an original arrangement/variation of the first movement of Vivaldi's "Spring" (La Primavera)
- Composition must be for one to five instruments
- All genres and styles are accepted
- The total length of the submission must be between one and five minutes
- All entries must be received by February 5th, 2019
- Voting will be performed by the general Musescore community after February 5th and will be available for at least 48 hours

To prevent cheating and guarantee originality, all submissions will be gathered in a dedicated group, which will be opened on February 1st, 2019. Do not upload your composition entry before then!

A few helpful suggestions:
- Feel free to focus on a single part of the song and don't worry about creating a complete and accurate representation of the original.
- Creatively interpret the original melody and add your own harmony for a interesting arrangement.
- Unique compositions will be rewarded with votes, so be radical with your arrangement!
- The original solo line along with the two harmony lines is available here; feel free to refer to it.

2/1 UPDATE: We are collecting entries for this contest here until February 5th.
2/6 UPDATE: We are no longer collecting entries, please visit to vote.

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2 months ago

How 'bout a different competition?

Any% (New Game+)
Attempt 15 (It kept crashing)
The Cliff Slide - 3:31
Ralsei Reveal - 4:43
Finish Fields - 10:50
The Great Board - 14:06
Scarlet Forest - 15:19
Clover - 15:58
Thrash Machine - 17:43
SF Maze - 18:55
Vs. Lancer & Susie - 20:27
Card Castle - 30:37
King of Spades - 35:27
Leave the Dark Realm - 37:41
Done - 38:49 

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2 months ago

Competition No.1

Compose a one instrument song (like an etude) before Dec 20th.
Best song wins!
Comment the link to the song below when it's done...
The winner will be chosen on Dec 21st.
Good luck! 

ps. try to make it under three pages...

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3 months ago

Updated Voting Rules


  • Voting will be done via a Google form, which @Aqueous Humourati will make available once all submissions are final
  • Only members of this group will be allowed to vote, however, you may join for the sole purpose of voting
  • Each person will be permitted to cast one and only one vote towards any composition that is not their own
  • A valid vote must include the voters current Musescore user name in the appropriate field on the said form
  • The final winner will be announced as soon as possible once voting is closed
  • Please view every competing composition before casting you vote
  • All cast votes are final

Remember that voting begins on Dec 21st at 12:00 AM eastern time and ends at 3:00 PM eastern time.
Submissions must be sent before 5:00 PM eastern time on Dec 20th.

Thank you very much @Aqueous Humourati for writing this update!

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3 months ago


Hi guys!
We decided that we're not going to have judges, we're going to have open voting from members. NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF!!!
How it's going to work is, at 12:00 AM on Dec 21st eastern time you can start voting, i will have posted a discussion solely for voting purposes by then and all the links to the pieces you're voting for will be in there,
comment the Username of the person you're voting for on the discussion and that gives the said person one point, an admin's vote equals five point's... 
Voting ends at 3:00 pm eastern time and the winner will be announced sometime before the end of the day!

Is that clear? Any questions?
This is going to be fun!

Ps. Please advertise this group all over the place, the more members the merrier! 

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3 months ago