Fire Competition!

I know it's been a while since the last competition, and that's mainly cause I've been really busy over the summer! This next competition is Fire based. Write a song based on Fire, whether it be the emotions or motion it portrays.
1. 3 Minutes or less
2. Must include Piano
3. BPM for most of the piece must be 160+ (most=2/3 of the piece)

As always, email the score to by August 24 to be apart of the competition.

8 months ago

I'm unable to post my score.

I'm unable to post my score, is it set to private?  If it is then I'd like to ask for it to be set to public so I can post it.  If not, then I'd like to report a bit of a problem, Thanks,

10 months ago

Birthday Competition

Do, this next competition is simple and easy: Make a version of happy birthday. My birthday is tomorrow (June 4). So write the Happy Birthday song with your own twists, ideas, remixes, changes, etc..

ONLY ONE RULE! It has to be reminiscent of the Happy Birthday song!

All Entries to me by June 7th. Short time period, but this isn't hard, so...
Have fun! Entries sent to this email:

10 months ago


So, only four entries, but I kind've expected that because I can't even write a fanfare myself!
1. Tenor_tobi
2.David Smith
3. A tie between  Alice Minguez and Jimm Originals

So, this wasn't super easy to decide (That's why there is a tie!) Tenor_tobi, remember to post your score to the group! The next competition is really simple so be prepared!

10 months ago


Hello! And welcome back! Anyone can join this competition! Just say you are joining the competition in the comments!

This contests theme: Competition! That's right! The theme for this competition IS competition. 

1. You can use any instruments
2. You can use 1-4 instruments
3. 30-60 second fanfare


All entries are due to me by June 1st! Email them to me at 

10 months ago

The Last Competition...

Our previous competition just ended, and I only received two entries...
So instead of judging them, they both win!

One thing though: If you say you are going to enter, enter. Also, put in submissions by the due date!

To Jimm and Tenortobi, post your competition songs to the group as soon as possible!

10 months ago


Welcome everyone! To competition number 2. If we have enough entries, we will do this bracket style! For the first round, there are few rules and restrictions:

1. It needs to be animal themed!
2. A String quartet!
3. Faster than 80 BPM.
4. At least 30 seconds.
4. Only string instruments.
5. Needs to be an original

Good luck to everyone! You have till May 20th to send your entry to  

Comment if you plan on entering! 

a year ago

Next Theme?

I was just wondering when we might know the next theme for the next competition

a year ago


Today is April 11, the day after all entries were due. Yes, there was only 6 entries, but that was to be expected considering we started off with 7 members when we began. Now for the part everyone is waiting for: The Results!

Before I post them, please understand that I tried to judge as unbiased as I could, and the even though you may be last, check why! These were all super good!

1. Kalle Edh - What an amazing score! Receiving first because the song fit the theme really well, followed all the rules, and produced an amazing song! (It will be posted very soon, so go listen!)

2.  Михаил Петров (Michael Petrov) - Very close to being first, and only lost because your ending was slightly off and seemed like it could've kept going. 

3. TenorTobi - This jazzy song impressed me, especially with the rhythms and use of drum set. Watch out thought! Your song seemed a bit too moody for the theme, and has some elements that were slight off, but otherwise, you did great!

4. Ben T-Shirt - I have seen only few Marimba Duets as impressive as yours. Word of Wisdom though: Write the song to fit the theme and competition, instead of trying to put an already written score in.

5. Jimm_Originals_ - Your song was good, but it was moody, angry, and upsetting in some ways. It just seemed to always change to a darker tone than before. Also, the song was a bit too repetitive with some elements.

6. Enrique C. - Literally, the only reason your in last place is because you used more 3 instruments. That's it.

I hope you enjoyed this competition! And don't be discouraged if you didn't do so well! You'll get better in no time. Also, Kalle, if you will contact me at the same Email address, I will tell you the reward. 

a year ago

We need a new rule

Hey MusicRebel, can you make a rule the says that you can't post music to the group unless that score won a competition?

a year ago

First Competition!

Since we haven't gained any more new members, we might as well start the competition! Note: If you are not in the group and would like to participate, join the group and then you can!
All entries must be sent to this email: and must have Competition as the subject.

1. 2 or 3 Instruments
2. No longer than 2 minutes but must exceed 45 seconds
3. Only use instruments under the "Common Instrument" tab
4. The song must be done by April 10

Theme: A warm and happy summer day.
BPM Must be 80 or faster.

Comment with #1, #2, #3 etc. depending on what number was posted last.

a year ago

Important question that could help other people in the group

If I had three instruments already but I wanted to add vocals, could I give one of the instrumentalists the vocal part and have them play and sing and count it as one instrument?

I wanted to have a drummer and a guitarist with a glockenspiel melody in the background, but I also wanted vocals, so if this is allowed that would help me a lot.

a year ago

Why in the WORLD Should I join this group?

So, I just started a group for competitions since every other competition group is dead or rarely does a competition. This group will hold monthly competitions whether the members like it or not. Anyone is allowed, including beginners, intermediates, hard-coreres, people who always seem to make the most amazing compositions ever, and anyone else I didn't mention! So join this group to participate and have some fun!
Also, what's the worst that can come from joining? (Please no one die from joining this group! Please no one die!)

a year ago

Almost There

This group needs only four more people for the competitions to officially start! Once I have 8 members excluding myself, we will have a small and simple competition to begin with, and hopefully grow! So please! Join this group!

a year ago

Almost There

This group needs only four more people for the competitions to officially start! Once I have 8 members excluding myself, we will have a small and simple competition to begin with, and hopefully grow! So please! Join this group!

a year ago