Becoming a better composer

Mar 23, 2013

Anyone have tips on how to become a better composer? I just started composing in November and I am not very good right now. Help would be greatly appreciated! :)


My opinion/suggestion is to read books that teaches the basics of music theory then listen to some compositions by other composers so you can get the idea on how composers compose music.

Good Luck!
I took a course in Music Theory (primarily because I had to take another elective course in order to graduate), and it has helped me understand the mechanics of music in terms of how to lay out what I'm creating on a sheet of paper so that it sounds like what I'm thinking. It didn't help me be creative, but it gave me the ability to "write" in the language of music. Hope that helps.
Books and classes are cool and all, but they all teach basically the same thing: Trial and Error. Every rule in music theory is meant to be broken, though it does help to know a little about the rules before you actually go and break them. Anyone can learn theory, but actual experimentation in composition (and recording, for that matter) is the best ingredient to becoming a better composer and overall musician!
I agree with Kaibur.
If you want to write original stuff, I would suggest getting a keyboard, even if you don't play piano (like me, but I don't have a keyboard yet). It helps with ideas and you can experiment with chords. Trial and error is made easier by having keys to bang on when your out of ideas!
If you want to do arrangements, I would suggest looking at full scores of complex band songs to see the structures/patterns/tricks. That's what I always do for originals and arrangements.
I have a minimal music theory, but I know what I want to ear when I'm listening music. This said, I listen great composer who do what I like and it give me some idea to create original melody. With MuseScore, we can write and listen as soon it is writen, so I write, I listen, I change, Listen again and so go on. Eventualy you finish to produce something interesting.

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