J.A.I. Music Website Launched!

Hey guys! I was hoping to ask you all a favor, I just launched a website with the help of Wix, to promote more of my music to the public. I was hoping you would help me and share it with your friends or maybe leave a comment on it. I would really appreciate it as it would help further my career not only in Music Education, but also in Composing. Thanks a bunch!

~ Joshua A. I.

J.A.I. Music Website - http://codwawpro0822.wix.com/jaimusic

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2 years ago

FUNDRAISING - help please :)

"The II Orchestra Internship AECMC is a project organized by the Student Council of Coimbra's Music Conservatory and consists in an intensive week of orchestra work, directed to young musicians. In the course of the week, the members of the project will have the oportunity of playing great and difficult orchestra pieces under the guideance of teachers of each instrument and an invited maestro." (Ernst Schelle)
So... my Conservatory's student council is organising another orchestra internship like they did last year but we don't have all the money we need (we still need 1000€), so we're fundraising. I was wondering if there's anyone willing to help us... Here's the link so you can access the site and contribute with the amount of money you can and want to give:
Thank you for your attention! :)
P.S. By the way, there are some small but gratifying rewards for those who donate a certain amount of money ;)

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3 years ago

Need Help!

Is there any way to replace a song posted on musescore? Without just uploading the next version. I plan to continue "The End" and I don't want its stats reset.

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5 years ago

Advertising Publicity

Attention all! I'm reaching out to EVERYONE. If anyone personally knows any famous composer or music publisher, Please do not hesitate to tell me! I'm going to start launching my music to the world very soon and I need every help i can get!

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6 years ago