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So I have been wanting to write a symphony for years. And I have tried and tried and every time, I have failed to get past the first few measures of the first movement. I feel like an extreme composer's block when I try to write a symphony. When writing a piano sonata, it is easy for me to figure out what to do next. But the symphony, it just overwhelms me. I have studied orchestration, sonata form, music theory, every prerequisite to symphonic writing. Novel writing on the other hand doesn't overwhelm me even though, like a symphony, it is writing on a massive scale. So I was thinking that maybe doing a scene outline, like I might do for a novel, would help when it comes to the piano reduction of the symphony themes and eventually going full orchestra. Essentially then, I would be putting my symphony to words.

I got a book of staff paper from Barnes and Nobles that has 120 pages of 12 staves. I wrote on the front cover of it, where there are 3 lines this:

Symphony no. 1
The War Symphony
in Bb

The majority of my influence comes from Beethoven, especially for large scale works. In fact, other times I have tried to write a symphony, I really ended up with a mashup between Symphony no 5 and Symphony no 9, if I ended up with anything past a few measures. Thankfully the cover of my new book is waterproof so if I accidentally spill something, I won't necessarily end up with wrinkled paper.  

When I listen to symphonies, or really any classical music, I rarely ever go past Debussy into modern works. Most of them I find are so atonal and dissonant that it is like a beautiful mom ended up with almost all of her children being ugly. I would be so in to a Classical Period Composition revival movement. But others have said that if I rely so heavily on Beethoven, my symphony won't get the appeal it deserves. But the only other option I see is going down that atonal route which just feels instinctively wrong. Not just wrong but instinctively wrong. Key shifting I don't mind. There is a lot of that in Symphony no 9(Like Dm -> Bb -> Cm for example) But being completely atonal? No way I would want to do that. I have heard atonality and about the only atonal piece I like is Mars by Gustav Holst. The rest I have listened to are too dissonant. Too reliant on diminished chords as tonic chords.

Sorry for the post being so long but I was wondering if any of you could give me advice on writing a symphony.

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Scales with a beat

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Musical Greetings Dries

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