Said Life Song

Said Life Song

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This is something that I finished quite a while back, and I'm sure at that time I had interesting things to share with you, but at the moment, I have nothing. I spent over a month brainstorming how I could get to post it with MuseScore 1.3, because the 2.0 SoundFont really isn't conducive to fast notes. Finally I realized that I could just do a VideoScore, which is now in existence. So please, listen to that, I beg of you.

The Cellist is Dead

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The main melody of this, as said in the previous score, was inspired by doodling on my cello. I had an entire thing plotted in my head that I would use it for, until I plotted the first few measures on MuseScore, and realized how completely it went along with "Mania", and I went in that direction instead. This score could also be considered an exercise.

Cello Exercise on Triplets and Double Stops

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One of only two songs that I have written, at least recently, that were inspired by doodling on my cello (the other one I will upload in a moment). I've also been suffering from writers block lately, so this was really the only thing I could come up with at the moment.

Contemplating the Dream

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Flute, Guitar
I dreampt this last night, and I awoke wholly with the memory of "What can be done when the Shadowman comes?". If it hadn't been for the melody, I would have surely turned it into some sort of short story. I still might... either way, I'm kind of scared of sleeping at the moment.

The Echo of the Person Who was Only Slightly Moderately Dead

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I felt motivated to transcribe "Dead" by They Might Be Giants today, but I couldn't quite get the chords right (as I have no clue as to how to transcribe things). This begins with my attempt of the first chord of "Dead", and what follows ensued out of boredom. I finished this in a rush of misplaced inspiration, lasting roughly five minutes or so, so it's not what one would feel compelled to call "perfect". I do hope you enjoy it!
Negotiating With Flowers to Bloom

Negotiating With Flowers to Bloom

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I have tried and failed an incomprehensibly vast number of times over this week to post this. MuseScore 2.0 is broken and hates me, but all I want is for it to LOVE me. I feel so rejected.

So, basically, I have nothing interesting to say about this score, and statistically this wont upload anyway. If it does (finally), just click on the youtube link provided in the VideoScore to hear it.

Post Script: Just in case it is unclear, this score is called "Negotiating With Flowers to Bloom", and it features a piano and three tenors.

Searching - Part 1 (updated with story)

13 parts66 pages20:473 years ago494 views
Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, Flute, Harp, Piano, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, French Horn, Percussion
Decided to put together a bit of a draft of the story so far.

Challenge #3: War-Themed

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Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Synthesizer, Percussion, Viola
For the third challenge of Composition Survivor. It had to be war-themed with at least the above instruments in 10/8, with a tempo of dotted eighth note = 108 BPM and in Eb major. It's pretty hard to write/resolve a war-themed piece in a major key (not to mention in 10/8!). Luckily, the deadline was extended, so I was able to write this in time.

Nostalgia for a Tuesday

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As you may notice, this is simply a slightly revised version of "Bruno Giandeli's "Moonlight on the Water"," as featured in my play "Two Cellos and a Handgun". I have since redesigned it for my cello choir, as, along with my "Suite for Four Cellos and Percussion", my cello instructor asked me to compose a slow, harmonic piece to precede it. After a minor bout of writers block, I realized what I needed had been staring me in the face for quite a while.

List Space

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French Horn(2), Tuba
Because, for me, today is the last day of summer. It is also the last day to post anything written with MuseScore 1.3. I suppose it is a game changer day. That's all that really needs saying.
Marblemade Memories

Marblemade Memories

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I went to a place called "The Cozy Tea Corner" today, and my primary focus (despite the massive quantity of tea and lavender shortbread I ordered), was in the music, which I have dubbed "Ambiatic" -- the adjective of "ambiance". I wrote this song under the title "Cozy Tea Corner", and although it is 100% inspired by the music I heard there, it didn't fit the title. I tossed around ideas such as "Nostalgia for a Friday" and "Ambiatic Music", but eventually settled on "Marblemade Memories", which is the name of one of my photographs.

On that note, I have a Flickr account now, where all of my even remotely decent photographs can be seen (in case anyone is interested, which I hope someone is). Here is "Marblemade Memories":

Suite for Four Cellos and Percussion

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Cello(4), Percussion(3)
This is in many, if not most ways, my biggest, most elaborate piece. It is also quite definitely my best. I wrote this for my cello choir to perform, which we will have by the end of this year (so there's a VideoScore to look out for). I've been working on it for quite a while, and it would have surely been completed sooner if it hadn't been for the ending, which I couldn't quite establish. In the end I just stole the finale of "Grey" and ran with it. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this (despite the paltry lack of pizzicato), as it is a combination of all my favorite writing styles, and a blend of several melodies which have been bouncing around in my head for longer than I can remember.


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The sudden rush of infinite impossibility! Anything you can dream, you can do! Just don't fly too close to the sun... or else... your luck might run out on you... right alongside your sanity! "Two Cellos and a Handgun" is still happening, and I am almost done the script. Many if not most of the songs featured in it I have already written (it doesn't need that many), however this started out as the melody for one I have yet to compose, but I decided it would sound better in a piece all to itself.

Simply Strange and Somewhat Sunny

2 parts3 pages02:073 years ago211 views
Viola, Contrabass
A semi-sequel to "Grey", because I couldn't just stand around having one of my biggest successes be a string piece which includes the Violin, but not the Double Bass OR the Viola! So here's this. That's also why this has the tagline "For the Most Introverted Strings" (or something to the like), although I don't really have an explanation for that.

The Waves of Agamemnon IV

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I am really proud of this on, as I think it exercises some pretty decent chords, and allows every instrument to have it's own little say in the overall sound. This may be the last one of the set, although I doubt it.
Say That We Can Change

Say That We Can Change

1 part7 pages06:323 years ago169 views
Part one is the score, listen to it first. You don't have to get through all of it, just as long as you get through one of the phrases. Then, click on the VideoScore (I suppose I could have simply posted it on SoundCloud rather than YouTube, but too late now...) to access the link to Part two, which was written using Audacity. I don't have much to say about these, except that I wrote them as sort-of follow-ups to "The No-More Declaration", which was spawned by a tragic event that occurred recently.

The Regulus Overture

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Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon(2), Timpani, Percussion, Piano, Cello, Strings(5)
Quite a long time ago my friend spontaneously felt the need to compose a play. He titled it "Regulus" after the main character, who is a young mathematician driven insane by the infinite possibilities held within the cosmos. He wrote the prologue, which was a very long monolog interrupted sporadically by the musings of a Greek chorus, eventually ending in his psychological demise, and very promptly became bored with the project and never resumed it. Skip forward a year or two, there I am finishing this. It will most likely become a part of my upcoming large orchestral work "An American in Reykjavik" (all ye Gershwin fans should get the reference), but for the moment I am posting it as an individual piece, and upon thinking back to the play that once my friend possessed, I figured that this would fit perfectly along side the general vibe of climactic mental collapse. My friend will be pleased to hear this one.

P.S. I did my best with the mixer but, fair warning, the cello solo is barely audible =/

P.P.S. This definitely should have been written in 3/4 |=\

UPDATE 7/30: I have made the strings part louder; changed the double bass part so that it will stand out better; added a fermata and a whole note for the clarinet at measure thirty eight; added a Tam-tam.

The Waves of Agamemnon III

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I wrote a third "Waves of Agamemnon" because I felt that the first two, the first especially, forced the cello and the double bass into a drone position, and I wanted to give them a chance to shine. At this point I think I can be confident that there will be at least a few more "Waves of Agamemnon"s. But then, after I'm satisfied with those, I'll finish my "Suite for a Succession of Strings".

The Waves of Agamemnon II

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This was simply to capture a different vibe on the first one, and as much as I think this one is better, I also very much liked the first one...... let's just say my opinion had nothing to do with why I wrote a second one. Also, this is my submission under "FANTASY" to the strings competition. It goes under it if you know why I named it what I did. I suppose, in the slightest, if you know what Agamemnon is.

You. Are. Here.

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What can I say? It was inspired by Squonk Opera. If you knew them, you'd expect nothing less. I wrote this after seeing someone, somewhere, state that they had had it "...up to here..." in exasperation with their current situation. This struck me as 1/2 intriguing, 1/2 amusing, and I wanted to figure out what exactly the limit would be for a person. As such, this represents the ultimate high-point "here" that a person can reach, so high, that it surpasses petty anger. In fact, anger is no longer in question... at such a point as this, the subject's psychiatric well-being begins to collapse at this point... and you better watch your back if you're the cause.................

P.S. The ending, which I previously hated, has been updated in accordance with Messer's brilliant suggestion!