You. Are. Here.

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What can I say? It was inspired by Squonk Opera. If you knew them, you'd expect nothing less. I wrote this after seeing someone, somewhere, state that they had had it "...up to here..." in exasperation with their current situation. This struck me as 1/2 intriguing, 1/2 amusing, and I wanted to figure out what exactly the limit would be for a person. As such, this represents the ultimate high-point "here" that a person can reach, so high, that it surpasses petty anger. In fact, anger is no longer in question... at such a point as this, the subject's psychiatric well-being begins to collapse at this point... and you better watch your back if you're the cause.................

P.S. The ending, which I previously hated, has been updated in accordance with Messer's brilliant suggestion!

The Waves of Agamemnon

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Strings(4), Bass
From listening to the "Pizzicato Polka" too many times. I was also feeling a bit Wes Anderson-y. The combination of the two lead to me hiding upstairs from 5:58 - 6:10 pm to craft this. As for the title, it's a reference to something of my creation which occurred long before this song did. You had to be there.
Godfather Death

Godfather Death

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Inspired by a wonderfully tragic and macabre Grimm fairy tale, "Godfather Death" (, which I read in one among a sea of English classes that have occurred in my lifetime. I can't explain why this story has remained for all these years. This was also inadvertently inspired by the style of Rivergrove.


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(We each wrote a description)


It's finally here! You don't know this, but Wind.e and I have been working together since March on an epic piano kind-of-concerto titled, obviously, "The Lonely Ones". The cover I threw together (which is only featured in the VideoScore) is the essence of what I wanted my parts to be; semi-simplistic, deep, captivating, more than meets the eye. It's up to you to see if we succeeded in creating this. The two of us each also decided to embody a central theme/story into two poems, each of our individual composition, since we both dabble in that area of writing. All I will tell you is that mine is about finding solitude in writing.


Eclecticism Scrounges,
Of all things weak and petty,
The remnants of those friends,
Few and faint of Heart
with beads for eyes.

The dawning of an era.
The grand is made for you
with pride of speech so solemn,
it forms an image of Solidarity.

You're lonely,
But nothing like the rest,
With nothing left unchecked,
Which leaves you hidden,
In the words they hold so dear.

Gothic shells revealed,
Homage to romanticism.
All but what she wants,
And what she wants is freedom
from the scrutiny
you know better than the rest.


The parts written by me are inspired by Glimmer's first poem, which, in my perspective and level of comprehension, tells about everything that Universe wants to say to all of us. That's also how I wrote my poem, which tells how the song means to me. :P


Everyone says it's incredibly beautiful
The most beautiful thing that
No one can even imagine themselves.
But do you know
What it says about everyone?

It is infinite.
You can see an infinite amount
Of fascinating and breathtaking things
When you only lift your head up
To see it.
But do you know what it sees about us?

We think that every single one
Of its actions
Are lovely and amazing.
No matter what it is
A supernova, a dying star, the black hole trapping objects in,
Or even the death of itself.
What about our actions?

We can never find these answers
And we can never see if they are
Good or bad, because
It doesn't speak
And it doesn't show,
But it does want to tell you.
You can infer!
You can see from
Why certain things happen
In everyday life.

You can see
From the fact that
Time only flows in one direction
And not the other.

"The tree can only grow up
And live for a thousand years
Because it can survive
The heavy storms and strong winds..."

"...Therefore, an apple tree grows apples,
And pear trees grow pears.
But not vice versa..."

"...Also, there is no significant difference
Between blowing a green leaf and a red one,
But there is between blowing
A leaf and a stone."

We hope you enjoy this!
(P.S. PLEASE watch the VideoScore)
The Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

The Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

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My submission to the sixteen note (per staff) contest, which I threw together in roughly three minutes. Don't quote me on that, for all I know it took an hour (within which I was apparently quite absentminded). The minimum was thirty two measures, and purely by coincidence, that's the amount of measures that I ended up using, despite inputting fifty measures at the beginning of the process... Insert "Twilight Zone" theme here...

Suite for a Succession of Strings, No. 2: Solo Viola (& Strings)

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Viola, Strings(5)
This is the second edition to my Suite for a Succession of Strings, featuring a solo viola. Of course, all that is in the title. I'm most excited about this one, and I think it, as well as the first piece of the set, is among some of my best compositions! Hopefully you think so =)

Suite for a Succession of Strings, No. 1: Solo Violin (& Strings)

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Violin, Strings(5)
Happy Independence Day! Now that I've concluded the moments set, I'd like to move on to bigger and better things. I've been working on this for quite some time, and only now am I satisfied enough to share it with the general republic of MuseScore. There will be four more pieces to this suite; one for viola, two for cello, and one for the double bass, all of which I am more excited about than I was about the violin. That's just something to look forward to...

War Is Coming

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Piccolo, Flute(2), French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(3), Voice, Piano(2), Harp, Strings(5)
If you are using a mobile device, listen to the HQ audio here:

Sorry it's been a while since I've uploaded anything! My schedule has been stupid and this one took me a while anyway. :D

As some of you might have guessed, the title does in fact mean that a song is coming soon (I hope) that will be entitled "War Is Here" or something to that effect.

Please let me know if you liked it and comment if you have any suggestions or criticisms, they are very much appreciated!! =D
The "No More" Declaration

The "No More" Declaration

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Bassoon(2), Piano, Organ
The techno sounds at the end of the VideoScore were intentional. The story behind this, well, it doesn't really need telling. The title is essentially a reference to all the negative things in the world. The world is a beautiful place, but what goes on in it is often quite unpleasant.

No One To Hold

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Actual score now and I finally got lyrics for the first verse that I'm happy with (tried about 5 different versions)


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For Kira, who enjoys the shadowed side of life. She's rather morose, and, well, I wrote this to coincide with that. The contrast of happy/grim, I find, can click in a most disturbing way when done right. It's part of a writing movement that I've created (and she partakes in frequently) which is called "The Delightfully Dreadful", but that is a story for a different time.

Party At Jolly Roger's

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This is a crazy little piece in which I imagined skeletons, wraiths, and other undead having a Halloween party. I created it for the marimba contest......

OK, by request, I have reduced each part to one staff. It's a little less spacious now.....

Moment V. Practicing for a Cello Recital With the A.C. BLARING

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Cello, Other Woodwinds
The final piece of the moments set, the story behind which is 100% true. I have a cello recital on the fourth with my cello choir, and as much as I need to practice my part in "Macabre for Four Cellos", I would rather not die of heat stroke alone in my room, and thus the air conditioning made it nearly impossible for me to play the right notes. What I was able to play sounded just about as non-complex and simple as this, although altogether I think it sounds pretty interesting.

A Very Gershwin Prelude (For Piano and Viola)

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Viola, Piano
You know you've been listening to Gershwin's "Three Preludes for Solo Piano" when you start dreaming up melodies for other preludes that could have been added to the set. Let me know if you get the reference in the tempo marking =)
The Bleeding of Timpanis

The Bleeding of Timpanis

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Violin, Cello, Contrabass, Timpani(5), Percussion
Surrealism at its... somewhereness. This has been in the making for quite a while, and, once again, exists only with the previous efforts of Béla Bartók. It's dark and a little mesmerizing, but that's mostly just because the timpani is an amazing instrument, and I was able to replicate them with a very realistic SoundFont. Unfortunately, the video is fraught with some very annoying clicks, so that's just something I'll apologize for in advance. There was no getting rid of them.


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This is a little guitar piece my son (who goes by NoahC on this site) wrote for the 100-Note Challenge, but doesn't have a pro account and doesn't want to delete any of the scores he has on his profile, so I'm posting it for him. My only counsel to him in this piece is making sure that it is possible to play.
The Executive

The Executive

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A relatively interesting product of boredom and lack of sleep. It semi-tells a story of the fast paced and cut-throat life of a high-profile executive, enough that were this several months ago I would have put this in "The Stories" set.
Just Another Lovely Piano Concerto

Just Another Lovely Piano Concerto

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Just Another Lovely Piano Concerto (assuming I'm right in titling it a concerto). This is my final stride in overcoming writers block, and I think it is one of the best things I've ever written. I'm not sure if that means it's any good, but I'm still happy with it.