This Group is Going Extinct: Let's fix it; pronto.

I joined this group around two years ago. I think. But I don't think it should go extinct, especially not with a lot of people that like composing! So please, if you're still active and want to do save this group, write something- anything! A comment, a composition, an arrangement, anything!

Come on guys!

a year ago

Insider Tipp: Looking up this groups!

Hello dear MuseScore composer,

Sorry if that sounds odd, but I watch your activity on MuseScore for a long time with increasing interest. The answer is quite simple: You are the born talent. There's something in you and I noticed that quickly. Since I would like to make the group "Orchestra Glory to God", which I founded, a bit by Musescore internal PR here and there, I invite you into my group.

We are all different people, and yet the Christian mission, the Christian faith with which we want to make music, unites us.

I need people who use their scores / compositions to pick up the people to get in touch with them. Quiet music can be very useful in discussing the basis of this common foundation - which we call faith in Jesus Christ!

I look forward to your Feddback! If you`re even a christ as i or you like christianity and talking about religion - then you`re the right personen for a membership in my groups!

PS: Please allow me a hint: I am also the administrator of this group here: Praise to God - The international orchestra of the people who believes in God and trust in him.

If you can help me here, I would be very grateful to you!

a year ago


I'm from Venezuela and I make arrangments for whatever
Especially Brass.
I'll leave a fix on my wall and if you need anything let me know, my email is in my profile.
Scores the end of editing in another program, which leave here is just the preview, what I mean by this is that I have a personal publishing and personal style edited, if you want some kind of style generally em, I also know they can do.

2 years ago