When you would like to participate, simply comment "ready" in this discussion and your name will be added to the roster. Once our 24th "ready" is received, the games will begin!

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2 years ago

Challenge 6!! (sorry for the delay)

Hey guys. Sorry for delay I didn't have any WiFi for the last 8 hours but now I do and here's the challenge:

Welcome to the top 10.

Your job is to create 10 sperate catchy riffs for 10 instruments each of which is 10 or more seconds long. Now get this: in 10 distinctly seperate genres.

Yeah. This game is about to get a lot harder. Good luck.

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2 years ago

Alright, Compromise?

So, RIP tony and sean. CS judge 3 a lot of people don't want to judge

Can I judge? I've always wanted to, have lots of ideas for challenges, and am way more active than any of the previous judges.

Vote yes or No down below, I would love the chance to judge! :D

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2 years ago

Challenge 5 Results

Well this was a fun challenge. All hail Putin. Anyways, you guys did good this week. But now a suprise. This week is a double elimination week. OMG the contestants say. But really it's only a single elimination week because some random dude just decided to submit a song so he is one of the people being eliminated. Ok now on to the results. In first place, with a score of 94 points is...

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2 years ago

Challenge 5

To celebrate the end of the school year, we are doing a fun challenge. Well... fun for us. In challenge 5 you must create a theme song for a reality TV show that stars Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia (this is not a joke). You will all have different topics, and your song must be at least a minute and no more than a minute and 30 seconds long. The title of your theme song must be the name of your "show" (make up your own title). Alright this is what everyone is doing:

Trombone Master Torreabella: Salsa Dancing with Putin
Pikabata: Cooking with Putin
qqqant: Bird Watching with Putin
TheFretfulBanjo: Wilderness Survival with Putin
cowa.joe: Riding Polar Bears with Putin
Miller4h9: How to Get Girls with Putin
johnwd: Making Music with Putin
Origami2: Making Vodka with Putin
RookWizard: Running a Country 101 with Putin
Falcon2184: Playing Chess with Putin
The Nightreader: How to Slay a Panther with Putin

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2 years ago

Challenge 3 Results

Ok I promise this will never happen again, sorry for being late. Next week I will post the full score details like I did the first week but I just don't have time for that. So this week, the loser is...


Alrighty guys I will have full results next time.

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2 years ago

Challenge 4 Results

First of all, you guys all did good. Starting next Sunday me or Tony will do what I did the first round. This is the last time I will tell results like this.
Anyways the loser is...

(For real this time, don't worry I double checked)

Anyway challenge 5 will be posted soon. It's gonna be very fun. For us at least.

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2 years ago

Challenge 4

Your next challenge is to create a Western themed piece that must use at least 10 instruments and be at least 5 minutes long. Oh yeah, one of the instruments must be a vibraslap. Have fun.

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2 years ago

Submitting your music

Submit your contest entry by adding it into the groups music. You can give it a title, but make sure it also says something along the lines of "Composition Survivor Week __" in the title. If you do not want to remove your previous songs, you may, upon request, send the musescore file to me or Tony and we will look at it from there.

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2 years ago

Results and challenge 3

Ok so I was about to post the results like an hour ago and my wifi crashed. Sorry about that.
Anyways I'm not gonna count done bit by bit for the results like I did last time and I'm not gonna score you on a point system either, so... The person eliminated from this weeks composition survivor is...


Alright now for challenge 3.
For challenge 3 you must compose a 3 minute long Marimba solo.
That's it.
Have fun.
We are giving you a nice easy challenge.
Don't expect this next time.

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2 years ago

An Eventful Start

Challenge 1 will begin tomorrow. Be prepared. In other news, I will be running the group for the next couple weeks because Tony sprained his wrist and tore his shoulder ligament while playing Ultimate Frisbee over the weekend. He can't type right now, so I am taking over. Check in tomorrow for your first challenge. Good luck. Have fun.

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2 years ago


The results will be posted here. I still need to judge a couple of pieces, and do homework and chores, but they will be posted by the end of the day.

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2 years ago

Challenge #2!! And, the return of Tony McCahill (bum bum bummmm)

Hello everybody. Your worst nightmare has returned: Me.

Ok let's cut to the chase. Congrats to all that passed round 1. You all deserved it and I can't wait to see what you come up with out of this:

This challenge will be different from anything you've ever done before. You will be writing a song based off of none other than the 2014 NFL NFC Championship Game that took place between the Seattle Seahawks (the city Sean and I live in) and the Green Bay Packers (our rivals... ish). Keep reading. It gets more interesting. The link to the highlight reel of this game is here: You must all watch it before writing because your whole song revolves around it. For those of you who do not know, this sport is called American Football and is probably really f***ing confusing to anybody who doesn't live in the states. That's ok. Your piece will be an interpretation of what you see going on even though you may have no idea what is happening.

Here is what's happening:
Half of you (I will assign who) will be writing your piece from the perspective of a Seattle Seahawks fan (they are in blue and green) and the other half of you will be writing your piece from the perspective of a Green Bay Packers fan (they are in white and yellow). As your piece goes on, mark the places where an important things happen so I know the connection between your piece and the game.

You will not have a specific set of instruments to write from, but there is one thing: it must be at least 3. That's it. It can be as many as you want as long as it is 3 or more.

Your piece will not be allowed to exceed 10 minutes (I'd be amazed if you could write it that long), but will not be allowed to be less than 3 minutes.
Ok here are the teams. The competitors writing their piece from the viewpoint of a Seattle Seahawks fan (remember, they are in blue and green) are:
The Fretful Banjo
Pikabata 2
Rook Wizard

The people writing a piece from the viewpoint of a Green Bay Packers fan (remember, they are in white and yellow) are:
The Nightreader
Those are the teams. Don't forget to mark the important moments in your piece and also don't hesitate to ask any questions. Good luck.

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2 years ago

Challenge 1

Your first challenge is a piece in E major, using a minimum of 7 instruments, that needs to have French Horns playing the melody at some point in the song. It must also be in 6/5 time. One to two minutes long is the required time length.

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2 years ago