AND... WEEK 2(and 3)!

Deadline is 12:00PM EST 9/4. ALthough I am not that strict and really don't care if you submit one minute late. I won't be able to tell anyways:P

You might need to use some *gasp* music theory on this one. I know, shocking.

This might be a little tricky. That's why I'm giving you two weeks instead of one.

Write a Invention for any solo instrument. Of course, piano harp and harpsichord are recommended. Imagine a violin playing two parts... *shudder*

If you don't know what a Invention is, look here

Also check out Bach's well tempered clavier for inspiration. There are some wonderful inventions in there.

Mostly, just use lots of counterpoint. Also, this doesn't have to be a very classical invention. If you can write a techno invention for saw wave, go right ahead! I will be very impressed with that :P

Scoring will be on playability(if it's a synth, make it playable if it was a piano), proper form, creativeness. And of course how good it sounds.

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2 years ago


Composition survivor is starting! I'm too lazy to put in a list of the participants, but I know who is who, I have a list on paper somewhere. This week's challenge:

Write the world's craziest waltz ever. I'm giving you (almost) no restrictions whatsoever. The crazier, the better. But it also has to sound good. See if you can balance the two. :D
OH, AND ONE THING: YOU MUST HAVE STEEL DRUMS. (Also, in case you didn't know, it has to still kinda be a waltz, so it should sound like it is in three)

Due August 17, 3 days extra because its the first week.

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2 years ago