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So I've noticed that this group isn't active anymore. Maybe you've noticed it too. Maybe you're all bummed out. Maybe you miss taking part in the competitions. Well, you're in luck! Music Battle has been going strong for over three years now. We're just finishing our 38th monthly battle, so now is the perfect time to join! You can vote for the winner of battle 38, and then compete in battle 39! Do you have what it takes to win a Music Battle? Let's find out!

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2 years ago

Interviews for You!

Hi guys, this is Advance102! I have been off for the longest time, mostly because I have moved on to actual orchestras and finding people like the Philadelphia Orchestra to play my pieces! I came back (unfortunately not to participate, but I might post my latest song later after my project comes to a close) to ask if you could take this quick little interview on music and neurology. If you would like to take the interview, simply answer these 7 questions and then enjoy your merry holidays!

1. What does music mean to you? (Why do you play or compose musical pieces, and how does it affect you?)
2. What types of song would influence you and make you sad? Happy? Heroic? Why do these songs make you feel that way?
3. What instruments, training, or teaching have you excelled in?
4. What made you continue you with instruments even when other people dropped them after elementary school?
5. What makes a piece of music your favorite?
6. What is your favorite genre or type?
7. What has music taught you throughout your life?

Have a Happy Holiday, and thank you so much!

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4 years ago

Voting: June-August (but kind of September) 2013

OH MY GOSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! So this paragraph is mostly going to be me begging for forgiveness for blanking on the end of the contest!!! I'm going to make a bunch of excuses, most of which are total BS, so just skip this giant paragraph if you don't care, which most of you probably don't. Well, first of all, I have an awful memory when it comes to anything not-obsession-related. Just thought I'd point that out. Another thing, school just started for me (high school now ugh) and basically I am forced to go talk to a counselor before school once a week now because 1. School is too easy for me, therefore I'm a "trouble-maker" because I get bored and 2. I may or may not have made a comment (in the most awful class that exists designed for idiotic freshman who don't know anything and since I am one of the few who aren't idiotic, the class basically sucks a lot) in which I said I would like to throw myself repeatedly against a brick wall and consequently jump off a 10-story building after setting myself ablaze into an abyss of death. Sooo now I'm forced to go to a counselor. Fun times. Anyway, she forces me to do a bunch of assignments and such about my feelings and such and they take more time than the actual homework that I do so I basically haven't had any time to go on musescore on watch TV or do anything in general. Also, I have marching band every night and drama (yeah, sadly I'm in drama) almost every night. So yeah. Those are my excuses. Mostly, though, I just forgot so I'm REEEAAAALLLLYYYY sorry to all of you guys!!!

Alrighty, so we actually only got 4 entries for this contest, which kind of stinks because it was an epic theme, but they are all fantastic entries. So here they are:
Alright guys voting ends September 30, because next week for me is homecoming week which basically means that we have no time to do anything at all and the 28th is homecoming and I gave myself the 29th and 30th because I'm cool like that. (Jared, you should probably remind me on facebook on the 30th about this by the way haha). Hopefully, I will have the results up on the 31st and I'm planning on having the next contest posted by the 14th. As for the composition contest, there are not too many entries, so I'm extending it until whenever the end of the September-October contest will be. (I'm going to keep doing this 2 month thing, because it seems to get more entries and it makes me less stressed out yay!)

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5 years ago

Contest: June-August 2013

OMG GUYZ I'M SO SORRY I COMPLETELY BLANKED ON THE FACT THAT ITS JUNE NOW I'M SOOO SORRY!!!!! Anyway! The theme suggested by our winner in April was...... *drumroll* INSTRUMENTAL MOVIE THEMES BEFORE THE YEAR 2000!!!!!!!! She actually suggested two themes, but I really like this one as it makes you think and do some research :) There's also not a lot of scores out there for arrangements like these because not a whole lot of people watch these movies anymore, so we need to get them popular again!!! Examples of movies are: Jurrassic Park, Schindler's List, The Godfather, Star Wars and Jaws. Of course, you can use other movies too. I'd love to listen to some from movies that I've never even seen before, maybe you could inspire some of us to watch a good movie! :) As usual, be creative! The more interesting you make your score, the better! Maybe a mash-up of a few different movie scores.....? Anyway! I'm sooo sorry that I posted this late, I completely forgot about this. If you guys think you need the time, comment and I could change it to June-August. I think I might end up doing that anyways, because you'll all probably be on vacation and not in access of a computer, or not have enough time and I want lots of entries on this one because the theme is awesome! The winner of this one will get to pick the theme for the next contest, and anything else if you guys can think of it. If I don't change it, the deadline for this contest will be July 31st, which is nearly 7 weeks away (6 weeks and 6 days!). I'll edit this discussion if it is changed, so be sure to check back. Congratulations again, Majan and good luck to everyone in this contest!!
I changed it to June to August, so hopefully we'll get a bunch of entries for this one! I really like the theme so I hope we get a lot! Also- thoughts on also making a composition contest for June-August?

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5 years ago

Basic Rules

So pretty much, these are the rules for like all of the contests.
1. You can only enter one piece.
2. When voting comes, you can only vote once.
3. No using other peoples' work.
4. You can enter as many contests as you want, even after you've won (so if you win this month's contest, you can enter next month's contest, too. There is no limit to the amount of contests you can enter.
5. You can only post contest-winning sheet music in this group.
6. Your piece has to be posted by 10 am on the first of the next month.

How to enter a piece:
Write your piece, post it on Musescore and then post the link to it in the comments on the discussion where the contest theme was announced.

Also, so there is no confusion, the contest will be posted on the first of every month. The voting for the last month's contest will be on the first through fifth of the month after. (So March's voting will take place on April 1-5.)

The way we will vote is: I will go through the entries and post the links to every entry on a single voting discussion. Every gets one vote and they will comment whose piece they most like. You can't vote for yourself. If there is a tie, I will decided the winner.

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5 years ago

Composition Contest: June-August 2013!!!

So pretty much I've had this group for a few months and WE'VE NEVER HAD A COMPOSITION CONTEST!!!!!!! So, I decided that we MUST have one for this summer!! Anyway, so the theme for this one is kind of bad, because I don't feel like thinking right now XD. Drumroll please! *drumroll* RECENT MUSIC!! And that makes no sense, so I'm going to elaborate. You must compose a piece in one of the genres that most young people listen to: indie, rock, pop, reggae, etc.. Basically I mean like a piece that you would maybe hear on the radio! Here are some guidelines:
-It must have a voice part in it (you don't have to post lyrics, but you might get more votes if you do!!)
-It has to be a new piece (not previously posted on here), because you guys have a LOT of time for this one :)
-You have to put the chord changes on your score. I'm putting this as a rule because then y'all can get a little practice in music theory, too and also it would be easier to follow along in the song (does that make any sense? Does anyone else do that?)

I know this is kind of a bad theme, but I think we could get a lot of cool entries! Also, you ARE allowed to enter both this contest and the arranging contest. Sorry if you compose more of classical stuff, but it's hard to think of a theme for both classical and pop composers.

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5 years ago

Winner: April 2013


So the winner last month was Majan with the piece I'll make a man out of you. Here is the link to the piece:
I'm soooo sorry I didn't post this discussion until today, I had a school field trip and I was under the impression there would be wifi and I could borrow my friend's laptop to do this, but there wasn't any, which sucked. :( I tried to do it on my phone, but i couldn't put the link on there. Sowwy. :( I have decided that, at least for this summer, I am going to make the contests 2 months long so you can have more time to do your compositions. I am also going to skip May because I will be quite busy, due to graduation and conducting a piece I wrote in band (yayyy!!!!). So Majan, email me your idea for the theme of the next contest at please ASAP. The next contest will be June-July, if I didn't make sense before. So it will start on June 1st and end July 31st. Tanks and good job to everyone who participated! Also, still trying to think of more ideas for prizes to these contests, so if you have any ideas, comment below please! Thanks sooo much!!!

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5 years ago

April 2013 Contest!!

So sorry guys for the day late thingy, I forgot yesterday! We didn't have any school so I purty much spent the whole day in my basement watching iCarly.... cuz I'm cool like that.... Anywho!!! The theme for this months' contest is...... *drumroll* DISNEY MUSIC!!!! You can do any arrangement of ANY Disney song you like. I'd prefer if you had a link to a youtube video or something with the original just so I (and the voters) can compare, but it isn't necessary. Also, for all you composers, you can write your own song for one of the movies (tell what movie and at what point the song would play) OR you can create your own story and write a score to go along with it. If you go with the latter, here are the guidelines: you have to type out the main story and put it in the description, you have to say at what point in the story the song would go and it has to be somewhat Disney-y. (Google chrome, I do not understand you. You put a red underline under drumroll and youtube, but you do not put one under Disney-y?). It's kind of hard to describe what I mean by Disney-y, but I think y'all will know what I mean. Comment if you don't and I'll try to explain what is going through my strange, strange head right now.

p.s. I got the idea for this contest from my purty new Disney princess nails that I just painted..... cuz I'm just that dang cool.

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5 years ago

March 2013 Winner

The March 2013 winner was the Eye of the Tiger piano piece by I_StarkGuy (I'm sorry for the lateness) Good job it was a great piece!! I'm working on figuring out prizes, does anyone have any ideas?

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5 years ago

Voting: March 2013

Alrighty guys!! There were only 3 entrants, but I thought all 3 were pretty good :) Here are the links:

Listen to them real quick and then vote!! Please!! It will only take you 8 minutes and 11 seconds to watch all 3!!! (Yes, I did add them all up) Good job all entrants in the contest! Voting will be from tomorrow (April 1) until Friday (April 5). I'll post the April contest tomorrow!

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5 years ago