September 2016

So, as you may have noticed, this sort of fell out of mind for a few months. So far this group hasn't done much, but that can always change! For this month, we'll try something more basic. A quartet. You can choose whatever instruments you choose, as long as there are 4 parts. Have fun with it.

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2 years ago

February Contest

So. You may have noticed that I forgot about this during January. The semester started for school, and I guess this just slipped my mind. I'll keep track of it this month. If you guys are interested, the theme for February is romance. Make an arrangement in a format of your choice of a romantic song, or compose your own.
-If original: The lyrics and feel of the song should be sweet and romantic. Obviously, lyrics won't be a factor in a non-vocal piece.
-If arranged: Pick something sweet. Making an arrangement of Rack City won't get you anywhere, as opposed to Fall For You.

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3 years ago

December 2015 Contest

So. The last contest hasn't had any submissions yet, but I think this one will go better. The theme for December is t arrange a new choral version of a Christmas carol. You can have whatever instrumentation you want, as long as it's a choir of at least 3 parts in the voices. Have fun and good luck!

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3 years ago

Nov 2015 Contest

Hi guys! Time to open up our first contest. For month, you have until the end of November to compose a marching band score of a popular song. If you're not sure of marching band instrumentation, I have it listed below.

Bb Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Bb Trumpet
Baritone Horn
Snare Drums
Tenor Drums
Bass Drums

Clarinets, Flutes, Trumpets, and Alto Saxophones usually have 2 parts in one staff.

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3 years ago